Bringing A Christmas Lights Show Inside

Instructables user [Osprey22] has been building towards this Christmas for years. Why? This year, he has brought an impressive musical Christmas light display inside, and at a fraction of the cost too!

An box at the tree’s base hides the power supply and the controller boards — a Raspberry Pi and a SanDevices e682 Pixel controller for the 400 WS2811 RGB LEDs — with an added router to connect them to the main network. The Pi is running Falcon Pi Player and a projector somewhere in the region of $100 complements the light show.

As far as mapping out the LEDs, Xlights is the program of choice, locating the LEDs in space with the help of a cell phone video recording. [Osprey22] had to write a quick program in C to fix the LED overlaps in the grid. (A spreadsheet would work just as well, here). Oh, and the gifts at the bottom of the tree double as a projector screen!

The result is one of the most impressive Christmas trees we’ve seen — and there is some stiff competition out there.

15 thoughts on “Bringing A Christmas Lights Show Inside

  1. Very impressive. And I’ve been wondering about mapping pixels to physical location. Sounds like he figured that out. A video on his cell phone and then CV to create the map. Anyone know if there is any application that will do that? I don’t think Xlights does that part.

    1. yes, to solve that issue = power injection…. depending on the voltage of the LEDs, 5 volt leds = every 50 for power injection and 12 volt leds = every 100 leds. thought i’m push 125 on one of my strings.

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