9 thoughts on “What We Need To Try In Haptic Hacks

    1. Indeed, that was the worst video produced by SmarterEveryDay, ever.

      This video was nothing more than an 18 minutes long add off “I know something, but I won’t tell!”, which I learned nothing from.

      On the contrary, all the other Destin’s videos are outstanding and amazing. One of the finest YouTube channels out there. Fingers crossed, and let’s hope we wont see another quality channel going south.

      1. Did we watch same video? Because pretty much everything Destin showed was easy to replicate and self explanatory to mech engineer.
        It was rather sad to see those guys somehow think they are sitting on a unique IP. All they have are some first steps into tolerable form factor implementation. They didnt produce hard to replicate silicon, didnt invent new liquid composition or neural interface. They arent scientists, they are engineers implementing established research.

        1. You don’t think making something usable in real life isn’t innovation?
          E.g: In principle doing a micro-LED display is easy. In practice there have to be innovation to make it real.

      2. One way to kill an otherwise good channel is to start including in-video ads (such as Sudible Books). 10% of this video was an ad. It makes you wonder is the entire video just a product placement piece.

  1. One thing I will say to the editor; those videos should be the other way around. ;-)

    But getting back on topic; VR has come a *long* way in 25 years.

    I can recall many moons ago, around 1994 or so, trying out a VR demo here in Brisbane. The headset was a helmet that was as heavy as flipping lead! It did not sit well on my 10-year old head. The graphics? Well… they sort of looked like this:


    … and the controller was basically was a gun. The VR technology today is mindblowing by comparison.

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