Hackaday Passes 100,000 Subscribers On YouTube

Check it out, the Hackaday YouTube channel just passed 100,000 Subscribers! Thank you to everyone who has been following the great stream of videos on our channel. If you’re not yet following us, now’s the time!

We’ve upped our video content game over the last couple of years and the steady stream of awesome is the reason so many people are subscribing. With this milestone reached, it’s a great time to look at the different styles of content Hackaday focuses on, and to get some feedback about what you would like to see on our channel!

Anyone following along with the Hackaday Prize looks forward to regular updates from Majenta Strongheart. Her most recent installment covers robotics, and her power harvesting overview will hit the channel in about a week. Behind that camera and in the editing booth Jordon Clark really makes these updates look spectacular. Jordon has also been working on a lot of other content. He launched a series of the project features from Hackaday.io and makes the live streams from Hackaday meetups look and sound great! Here’s Christine Sunu’s Emotive Robotics talk from the Hackaday LA meetup in May.

Of course we continue to do videos on new product features and releases (the Arduino Vidor reveal at Maker Faire was a big hit), as well as tutorial videos like the latest guide on pad printing which Brian Benchoff published this week. This is also the channel where you’ll find all of our Hackaday conference coverage, from livestreams, to on-site interviews and the recordings of all the talks — here’s Rachel Wong’s keynote from Hackaday Belgrade.

Thank you to everyone who has been watching, and to all of the Hackaday crew who put incredible passion into producing fun, high quality videos. We’re always looking for ideas so please let us know in the comments, what would you like to see on Hackaday’s YouTube channel?

Updates by Majenta Strongheart
Meetup Talk Livestreams
Scotty Allen Interview

19 thoughts on “Hackaday Passes 100,000 Subscribers On YouTube

    1. Cool, I just subscribed as well!! However, according to YouTube at the moment of writing there are just over 99K subscribers. I guess they update the general info at midnight or something like that. Any way, great to hear you have videos as well. I’ve been following you for over 10 years and didn’t know it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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