An Unmanned Ground Vehicle, Compatable With An Arduino

Building your own robot is something everyone should do, and [Ahmed] has already built a few robots designed to be driven around indoors. An indoor robot is easy, though: you have flat surfaces to roll around on, and the worst-case scenario you have a staircase to worry about. An outdoor robot is something else entirely, which makes this project so spectacular. It’s the M1 Rover, an unmanned ground vehicle, built around the Arduino platform.

The design goal of the M1 Rover isn’t just to be a remote-controlled car that can be driven around indoors. This robot is meant for rough terrain, and is a robot that can be programmed, can also be driven around by a computer, a video game controller, or custom joysticks.

To this end, the M1 rover is designed around high-quality laser cut plywood, powered by a few DC motors controlled through a dual H-bridge, and loaded up with sensors, including a front-mounted ultrasonic sensor. All the electronics are tucked away in the chassis, and the software is just fantastic. In fact, with the addition of a smartphone skillfully mounted to the top of the chassis, this little robot can became an autonomous rover, complete with a webcam. It’s one of the better robotic rover projects we’ve seen, and amazing addition to this year’s Hackaday Prize.

12 thoughts on “An Unmanned Ground Vehicle, Compatable With An Arduino

    1. I´m really not sure what qualifies it a “outdoor robot” that can ride on “rough terrain”. Plywood and low clearance. “so spectacular”
      “one of the better robotic rover projects we’ve seen”
      “a robot that can be programmed”
      “amazing addition to this year’s Hackaday Prize”

      It´s a polished entry-level project, but why is it so overrated ? Just to show that anybody can enter the intergalactic suprawonderful hackaday prize and stimulate the membership growth of and ensure the imperialist supremacy of Supplyframe on the whole universes hackasphere, one rover at a time ?

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