Henry The Hoover Gets A Weapons Upgrade

In this day and age of unprecedented military expenditure, we’re used to seeing weapons upgrades across all manner of war fighting hardware – tanks, helicopters, attack aircraft, you name it. We’re somewhat less accustomed to seeing the same on a domestic appliance. Regardless, we now have Henry the Hoover packing some serious heat.

Originally a mere vacuum cleaner, Henry was given movement through two motors and gearboxes sourced from a children’s ride on vehicle. A tank was created out of copper pipe to store the flammable gas (which appears to be butane, as used in cigarette lighters), and discharge is controlled with a solenoid valve. Ignition is then handled by a pair of electric ignitors fired by relay. It’s all controlled over a standard hobby radio controller, so you can stand at a safe distance while flambeeing your rug.

It’s a dangerous project, but one that is particularly fun when Henry’s dazed and amused countenance is taken into account. But then again, you might like your flamethrowers wrist mounted, instead. Video after the break.

12 thoughts on “Henry The Hoover Gets A Weapons Upgrade

  1. “Henry the hoover” so not “Henry the Dyson” or Henry the vacuum cleaner a hoover is a vacuum cleaner made by hoover, a company that makes many other domestic appliances.

    1. Henry the Dyson wouldn’t be allowed because Dyson is a trademark. Hoover hpwever is a generic term for a vacuum cleaner in Britain and Ireland due to Hoover being a textbook example of a generic trademark.

          1. It’s regional depending on the dominant sales force. Places where ice was still used into the 1950’s and 60’s still say “ice box” or “cooler”.

  2. I like sketchy RC flame throwers as much as the next guy. But I wouldn’t operate it from the back of a dead end concrete canyon. What’s the sci-fi movie where at the end the mad scientist gets destroyed by his own creation? Oh right, every one ever.

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