Modified F Clamp Is Wheely Good

Sometimes, a job is heavy, messy, or unwieldy, and having an extra pair of hands to help out makes the job more than twice as easy. However, help isn’t always easy to find. Faced with this problem, [create] came up with an ingenious solution to help move long and heavy objects without outside assistance.

Simple, and effective.

The build starts with a regular F-clamp  – a familiar tool to the home woodworker. The clamp is old and worn, making it the perfect candidate for some experimentation. First off, the handle is given a good sanding to avoid the likelihood of painful splinters. Then, the top bar is drilled and tapped, and some threaded rod fitted to act as an axle. A polyurethane wheel from a children’s scooter is then fitted, and held in place with a dome nut.

The final product is a wheel that can be clamped to just about anything, making it easier to move. [create] demonstrates using the wheelclamp to move a long piece of lumber, but we fully expect to see these on the shelf of Home Depot in 12 months for moving furniture around the house. With a few modifications to avoid marring furniture, these clamps could be a removalist’s dream.

While you’re busy hacking your tools, check out these useful bar clamps, too. Video after the break.


18 thoughts on “Modified F Clamp Is Wheely Good

  1. Nice, proper, useful hack, accessible to most people as opposed to the more common “this is useless but look at me and all my expensive gear” type of stuff we see a lot. I’ll forward that to the old man to put on his to-do list.
    More like this please! Thanks!

  2. Old and worn? Looks like new and fresh from China. We have some in our shop that have patent dates of ’03 on them, 1903 that is. They aren’t worn either, good steel.

    Super great hack for sure. Pairs of them on furniture moves or even 4 all the way around. If caster wheels type all way motion is easy

    1. Looks like a Wetzler to me, we’ve got a bunch of them in our shop. Good clamps, but several decades of production work does take a toll. Some of ours are so worn that the screws slip right through their holes.

  3. I dunno, for the piece of wood shown, it would be easier for me to just pick up and carry, and for heavier stuff, I would want multiple wheels under it so I would not have to waste energy keeping it from tipping over.

  4. the best designs are the ones you sit there and go ‘why didn’t I think of that?”. this right here is one of them.

    I expect to see them for sale at Home Depot or Harbor Freight within a couple months lol

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