A Modular Mounting System Via 3D Printing

When working with cameras or other tools, it can often be useful to have some manner of stand or tripod to hold things in position, freeing up one’s hands for other tasks. Unfortunately, when it comes to smaller cameras and devices like smartphones and tablets, there are few standardized solutions. [yyh1002] has skirted the problem by creating a customizable modular mounting system, and it’s taken the 3D-printing world by storm.

The system was inspired by GoPro mounts, which are a system of plastic arms and screws that can effectively position the small devices in all manner of orientations. [yyh1002]’s system is GoPro-compatible, using the same fasteners and similar geometry, and tons of other modelers have added on.

The parts are 3D printed and consist of a series of arms, clamps and joints that can be configured to suit the task at hand. Source files are available, which allows custom version to be made. This is useful for modifying parts like phone holders to suit different models, to avoid fouling buttons or interfering with camera placement. Thus far, the community has contributed parts as diverse as G-clamps, camera mounts, and parts to mate to Playstation controllers. (Editor’s note: I’m actually printing out a Pi Zero case from this series as I edit this post. Coincidence!)

It’s a useful system, and we look forward to seeing more parts uploaded in future. Meanwhile, don’t forget – it’s remarkably easy to tripod mount just about anything.

9 thoughts on “A Modular Mounting System Via 3D Printing

  1. If you care at all about how rigid the mount is, make the struts out of wood or metal. Save some printing time as well.
    Design a socket to fit the wood or metal of your choice.
    Old carbon/fiber glass tent poles are good too.

    1. Although for tabletop stuff like holding cameras, lights, or tablets, my experience is that plastic members are just fine too.

      This said, there are GoPro / modular mount – to – metal pipe and aluminum extrusion (and nearly everything else) adapters in this series for when you need the strength or simply length.

      The gimmick here is standardizing a group of different projects around a single connector standard that works for many/most light-duty applications.

      PS: Nice name. Even spelled right!

    2. Absolutely. Metal conduit is cheap, readily available, and easily cut to length with a pipe cutter. Just design semi-circle clamps and be done with it. Takes too long to print a 9″ arm when you could just cut 9″ off 6′ stock in 2 minutes with a pipe cutter.

    3. I feel like my printer is CONSTANTLY running and am always looking for a way to reduce what I print. Dowel, conduit and PVC pipe all get used extensively in my design work. Plus I think it’s really cool when I combine commodity materials into custom works. It makes me feel like a professional tinkerer, and not one of those wannabe hobbyist tinkerers :)

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