Hackaday Links: April 7, 2019

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It’s April, which means all the people responsible for doubling the number of badges at DEF CON are hard at work getting their prototypes ready and trying to fund the entire thing. The first one out of the gate is Da Bomb, by [netik] and his crew. This is the same team that brought you the Ides of DEF CON badge, a blinky wearable multiplayer game that’s SPQR AF. Da Bomb is now a Kickstarter campaign to get the funding for the run of 500, and you’re getting a wearable badge filled with puzzles, Easter eggs, and a radio-based sea battle game that obviously can’t be called Battleship, because the navy doesn’t have battleships anymore.

Speaking of badges and various badge paraphernalia, there’s a new standard for add-ons this year. The Shitty Add-On V.1.69bis standard adds two pins and a very secure shrouded connector that solves all the problems of last year’s standard. [AND!XOR] just released a Shitty Brooch that powers all Shitty Add-Ons with a CR2032 battery. All the files are up on the Gits, so have fun.

You can 3D print anything if you don’t mind dealing with supports. But how to remove supports? For that [CCecil] has a great tip: use Chap stick. This is a print that used supports and it’s perfectly clean, right off the bed. By inserting a suspend (M600) command at the z-height of the top of the interface layer, then adding Chap stick on the top layer, everything comes off clean. Neat.

Speaking of 3D printing, here’s a project for anyone with the patience to do some serious modeling. It’s a pocket Soviet record player, although I think it’s more properly called a gramophone. It’s crank powered, so there’s a spring in there somewhere, and it’s entirely acoustic with zero electronics. Yes, you’re going to need a needle, but I’d be very interested in seeing somebody remake this using modern tools and construction materials.

5 thoughts on “Hackaday Links: April 7, 2019

  1. I’d like to also throw in a shameless plug for DRM-114. It was the first SAO to use the new pins for serial I/O. It’s in volume production as we speak, and there will be a special limited edition version for goons only that will have extra functionality.

    DRM-114 is designed to be paired with the Dumb Badge, but I’m also going to make a few of what I am calling the “fake badge.” The fake badge is just a USB UART configured for the SAO v1.69bis serial configuration with a lanyard hole.


  2. Re: chapstick
    It should be possible to attach this to your print head somewhere, add it as a (n+1) print head with the associated offsets and have the printer dap some on automatically at the right time…

    May need to add a stepper for retraction to keep it out of the way on some builds, but I think that it wouldn’t be needed as long as your nozzle protrudes from the carriage far enough to clear it.

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