Homebrew Laptop Makes A Statement With A Steampunk Theme

Some may argue, but your choice of computing hardware says exactly zero about you, at least when you buy off the shelf. Your laptop or PC is only one of millions, and the chances of seeing someone with the exact same machine are pretty good. If you want to be different, you really need to build something yourself.

This homebrew steampunk laptop does a great job at standing out from the crowd. [Starhawk]’s build is an homage to the Steampunk genre, in a wooden case with brass bits and bobs adorning. The guts are based on an Intel motherboard, a bit dated but serviceable enough for the job. There’s a touch-capable LCD in the lid, and we absolutely love the look of the keyboard with its retro-style chrome and phenolic keycaps. Exposed USB cables run to and fro, and the braided jackets contribute to the old-timey look. The copier roller as a lid hinge is a nice touch too.

[Starhawk]’s build log is long and detailed, and covers the entire build. We’ve seen interesting builds from him before, like this junk-bin PC build for a friend in need. Looks like this one is for personal use, though, and we can’t blame him.

15 thoughts on “Homebrew Laptop Makes A Statement With A Steampunk Theme

        1. Well then put a gear on it! It needs a crank too. Cranks are popular it seems. :)
          The apex of this idea would probably need to be embedded in the copier roller though. Turning the end of the roller to scroll the onscreen text would be bad*ss.

          1. we at hack42.nl have an early text processor from the seventies who has that. it’s called the Lexitron videotype 94. it even has tabular posts you can set under the screen. unfortunately this is the only specimen i know of still in existance. I really would be proven otherwise. :-(

          2. Researched. So the left end of the copier roller is already an encoder for volume/mute, and the right end of the copier roller is already an encoder for scroll/middle click.

            So basically you already thought of that, and implemented what I thought might be the coolest added feature here…

            Got it. :)


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