Banana Bomb Is Likely To Get You In Trouble

If there’s one thing Hollywood loves, it’s a ticking clock to create drama. Nuclear weapons, terrorist bombs, and all manner of other devices have been seen featuring foreboding numbers counting down on a series of 7-segment displays. In this vein, [deshipu] developed a rather ridiculous take on the classic trope.

The project is built around a ticking four-digit display. The blue LEDs give it a modern touch, and it’s attached on top of an Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V. This enables the whole module to be powered by a coin cell, for an incredibly compact and tidy timer that is barely bigger than the display itself. There’s also a buzzer attached, which chirps each second, somewhat heightening the stress level in the immediate vicinity.

With a functioning timer, [deshipu] then went for comedy points, by hooking it up to a trio of bananas. This is widely considered more courteous than attaching it to a detonator circuit and actual dynamite, and is key to staying off government watchlists.

It’s a piece that would be amusing at a Halloween party or similar, and is easily completed by any beginner learning Arduino. It goes without saying that, while this is amusing, it’s a build that should very much not be bandied about in public or used for a prank. In this day and age, even touting a custom clock can draw unwelcome attention, so it’s important to be careful.  Video after the break.

21 thoughts on “Banana Bomb Is Likely To Get You In Trouble

    1. I wonder if you could use an ethylene sensor to make that work for real? Main problem is everyone disagrees about when a banana is ripe! Solid yellow, or wait for a few sugar-spots?

      1. Sounds like a ripeness index would be needed to solve that dilemma. Multiple ripeness ratings, maybe even a scalar denoting the progression from freshly ripened to very well ripened. That way one would only need to identify their preferred index to gauge from the display.

        1. My father once told me the key to being a good engineer is to totally over-think the project then scale back. I’d say you have done a great job of the first step!

    1. I was thinking something similar. Bananas are radioactive (keep calm, *slightly* radioactive) so this is a dirty bomb. Well, at least according to some guys from gouvernment. Don’t get yourself in trouble. (Yes, it’s a joke, but on the other hand, if somebody from gouvernment/police/TLA goes crazy, you never know. :-/ )
      And btw, i just had a tasty banana for lunch.

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