This Micro Deltesian Is Easy For Children To Use

[Ekaggrat Singh Kalsi] submits this interesting printer he built for his daughter to use. He admits that the project started simply out of curiosity about the strange deltesian movement. In this configuration, the X and Z-axis are a delta mechanism while the Y-axis is a regular Cartesian bed on rails. There’s not a load of advantages to this movement, but it is really neat.

Eventually, he had a hammer in search of a nail and decided to make the printer easy enough for his daughter to use. To this end, he added a few kid-friendly modifications. The unheated bed is removable and snaps in and out of place with magnets. Considerable attention was paid to the filament loading and unloading to make it easy for small hands to perform the process. This was accomplished through a lever based latch mechanism.

As you can see in the video after the break, the project was a success, and his daughter is growing up with access to her very own 3D printer. If you’re curious abou the classic delta robot, check out this golf ball sorter.

9 thoughts on “This Micro Deltesian Is Easy For Children To Use

    1. I only came to the comments section to see this xD
      If this “hurts your brain”, be adviced, there are many, much worse things on “The Internet” than a headline that was too quickly edited ;)

    1. As @ekaggart said, it uses a modified version of Marlin 1.1.8. The X & Y towers are moved 180deg opposed, which the firmware has variables for, but the “Z” axis from a normal Delta becomes the horizontal “Y” Cartesian axis. The homing equations had to be rewriting to home the towers like a Delta, then the bed like a Cartesian. Also had to convert the planner movement for the Y (bed) motion into Cartesian motion, and simplified the Cross Product calculations to 2 vectors (vs 3 for a Delta) which massively reduces the computational requirements.

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