How To 3D Print Your Identical Twin

It’s possible to have an enjoyable weekend touring a city with a stolen cardboard cutout from some advertising display or other. However, it’s 2019, and 3D printing means you can go so much further. [Simon] of RCLifeOn went so far as to print a lifesized body double of himself, and it’s only slightly creepy! (Video, embedded below.)

The model was sourced from a 3D scan [Simon] had done with commercial hardware. An Optimus P1 industrial-grade 3D printer was used to print the parts, with total printing time being around 200 hours. Adhesive was used to join the various segments together, and the assembly was then sanded and primed, ready for paint.

Unwilling to tackle the task alone, [Simon] enlisted a professional painter to help put the finishing touches on the piece. The end result is impressive, particularly from a distance. [Simon 2.0] was then sent out to the city centre, aiming to raise money from bewildered passers by.

We suspect the market for custom body doubles will only increase as the technology to create them becomes more widespread. If you’ve tackled a similar project, be sure to let us know. Video after the break.

10 thoughts on “How To 3D Print Your Identical Twin

  1. You don’t need to steal a cardboard cutout, large-format printers are cheap on Craigslist and you can just spraymount the resulting paper to a refrigerator box or whatever you find at the recycling station.

    I’ve done this a few times, and it’s always a lot of fun. Sending pictures to your real friend, of their cardboard doppelganger’s exploits, is the best part.

  2. Looks like a laser scan, which would explain the visible perspective skew on the head. Photogrammetry works better for full body (just don’t use AliceVision, that’s doing weird things on full body, too).
    The dead eyes always are a give-away. I’d cut them out, replace them with glass eyes (can get those cheap these days). And I agree on doing a naked scan (keep your socks on, that’s fine) and dress that …

    That said: Not completely uncool.

    1. There are action dolls based on 3D scans of some porn stars. Not life sized, but “Fully detailed!” I wouldn’t doubt full-size replications exist in the higher-end end market.

  3. So it begins. Then start making celebrity doppelganger from illegal download site, add a generic android frame (mac or PC formatted- now with Chrome), add or subtract feature like personality and watch civilization crumble.
    Futurama PSA -I Dated A Robot. S3-EP15. The PSA within PSA in particular.

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