Help Save The National Videogame Museum

The National Videogame Museum in Sheffield, UK, houses a unique collection celebrating all decades of video games and their culture, and as the lockdown has brought with it a crisis threatening its very existence, has launched a crowdfunding campaign with a video we’ve placed below the break. As a relatively young organisation, they have yet to build up the financial buffer that a more established one would have. It’s important that this and other heritage sites live to open again another day, so we’d urge you to take a look.

On their website they’re providing a page of activities for the bored youngster in your life, but to whet your appetite should you wish to visit them in the future they also have a selection of pages about the rest of their exhibition.

One of the sad features of living through  a pandemic comes in knowing that some of the businesses and organisations we hold dear might not make it through the crisis. We’ve put in a few orders to smaller suppliers over the last week or two to shove a bit of extra business their way, and no doubt you have too. What is not so easy however, is when the threatened organisation is a visitor attraction; we can’t make the trip during a lockdown. The NVM is unlikely to be the only such attraction facing the pinch, so we’d urge you to look out for those that are close to you as well.

Thanks [Tom] for the tip.

16 thoughts on “Help Save The National Videogame Museum

      1. Not forever. As time goes longer, seeds will stop. The most common games will probably always be around out there, but the uncommon ROMs will become unobtanium. I remember stuff that was everywhere, and now I’m lucky if I can find a sketchy Arabic site with a cloudshare link infested with malware. That’s the point of a heritage/museum. They keep it in it’s originally acquired form and make it available for observation for as long as they can afford to keep the doors open. They also add a little flash and glitter to make it a more engaging experience.

    1. I’m so confused right now. I’ve always heard you don’t trust those that put the mouth before the eyes in their emoticons, but I’ve never seen anyone do it both ways in one message.

      Totally agree about saving twice though.

      1. Don’t be so hard, nature needs scavengers, vultures, maggots, mold and Elana; but at least the first three have the decency to wait until their “meal” is dead.

  1. “What is not so easy however, is when the threatened organisation is a visitor attraction; we can’t make the trip during a lockdown.”

    Well not easily, and the experience would be “look, don’t touch”, lots of cleaning, lots of distance; in general taking the “fun” out of which is why people go in the first place.

    1. I dunno. A themed event where everyone has to wear hazmat suits and play only games that involve situations where one should wear a hazmat suit sound like a kickass way to raise money, have fun and advertise games with relatable themes to what’s going on.

    2. I guess you don’t know what ‘lockdown’ means for the UK. We’re limited to travelling to work (only if unavoidable), one hour of exercise outside, and essential shopping trips. Visiting a museum would currently be unjustifiable and subject to fines from the police.

  2. just remember: social distancing, to be honest, i find these regulations the normal way to live a life, for example who the heck would be interested to go to a fully packed “museum” and to play video games there?

  3. They should create the museum in VRChat so people can visit virtually and look around. Then they can place little advertisements for donations so if people think it looks like it would be nice in real life then they can donate to keep it there for when it’s safe to go visit IRL.

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