Two Days Left To Enter The Hackaday Prize!

Your entry for the 2020 Hackaday Prize needs to be in by Monday morning, August 31st!

This is the deadline for initial entries, if you’re one of the one hundred lucky projects that advance to the finals you’ll still have another month to polish up your project. Why not make this weekend your own personal hackathon?

Entries focus on four challenges outlined by our non-profit partners this year. From improving modular dome housing and developing manufacturing techniques in disaster zones, to designing interfaces for people with physical challenges and protecting natural ocean landscapes, there’s plenty of room to be creative here. In addition to the $50,000 grand prize there are still nine other top prizes up for grabs.

You can do this. Tell your story, show a proof of concept, and document it to convince the judges your project is viable. It’ll be tight, but hackers work best when deadlines are looming. We can’t wait to see what you come up with between now and Monday!

2 thoughts on “Two Days Left To Enter The Hackaday Prize!

  1. It seems like everybody running this forgot to do anything this year.

    If you click the link, they want you to enter, that much is clear. But they don’t want you to see the entries!

    There is no link to the entries. What is the proportion of people visiting who entered, compared to who didn’t enter? It seems that most of the contest is about the interest generated in the public. Why else would it have sponsors?

    Get with the program, you haven’t updated the 2020 Hackaday Contest page in months, and you never finished it! Show the entries, put the projects front and center instead of 50 links to the entry form.

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