TTGO ESP32 Module With Multiple Personalities

Volos Projects educator [Danko Bertović] had a TTGO ESP32 board looking for a project, so he implemented a surprisingly functional weather station for such a small screen. Presumably that was too boring for him, so he decided to write a version of the classic Atari game Breakout instead. [Danko] prefers using the Arduino IDE for ESP32 projects, and has made the Breakout software available as an Arduino sketch. We hope the weather station sketch will be released soon, too. The TTGO is a small ESP32 board with an ST7789V 1.14 in (29 mm) TFT color display, available from your favorite Shenzhen market supplier. This platform is perfect for all kinds of niche applications. We’d love to hear how you are using, or plan to use, these modules in your projects.

We wrote about one such project last summer, where a similar TTGO module was used to display 50-year broadcast delayed transcripts of the Apollo 11 mission. [Danko] is no stranger to Hackaday — he has made several Arduino-based calculator projects.  Perhaps the most remarkable being the circuit sculpture binary number calculator from last year, another project that morphed into a computer game (Pong).

15 thoughts on “TTGO ESP32 Module With Multiple Personalities

  1. Thanks for sharing!
    I use this board as display for mqtt values from home assistant, combined with músic info each tme a new song is playera from mpd Internet radio
    I think I Will learn a los from tour code

  2. This board is actually called the TTGO T-Display. I have one, myself, and I have a sketch running on it that displays weather data from a BME280 sensor with custom fonts using Bodmer’s excellent TFT_eSPI library.

    It’s a pretty cool little board. The display is crisp and has really great viewing angles, since it’s an IPS display. The two buttons are actually available to use in your sketches rather than being reserved for reset and flash like many other boards of this type. I’ll have to order a few more of these, since I really like having boards with onboard displays to use in projects.


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