Quick And Dirty Trebuchet Flings Mashed Potato

Thanksgiving is just round the corner and [mrak_ripple] was worried about serving food under social distancing conditions. Rather than bother with standard best practice, he chose to take a more exciting route – flinging side dishes with miniature siege weaponry. (Video, embedded below.)

The mashed potato trebuchet is a build in the modern style, relying on 8020 aluminium extrusion to allow for quick and easy assembly. It also takes advantage of what appears to be a heavy duty laser cutter, which creates strong steel brackets to hold everything together. The launcher cup to hold the mash is a 3D printed part, created in resin and held on the end of the arm with duct tape, since appropriate bolts didn’t fall to hand.

In the end, repeatability was a struggle, and we suspect the trebuchet won’t actually do food service on the holiday itself. However, it could certainly make for a fun game after dinner, seeing who can get the most mash onto a willing target. We’d love to see a mash cannon too, so if you’ve built one, drop us a line. Of course, if you’re into weirder, high performance designs, the flywheel trebuchet may be more your speed. Video after the break.

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