Dangerous Greeting Cards You Probably Shouldn’t Send Anyone

Regular paper greeting cards are pricey for what they are, and of course the annoying musical variety are even more so. If you really want to go all out, however, you’ve got to go custom made. That’s what [Xyla] and [Ian] did, though we’d stop short of recommending you build or send these to anyone!

Two variants of the “dangerous cards” were built. One repurposed an electric shocking circuit from a handheld buzzer, tucking it inside a shiny Disney greeting card. Using a switch from a musical greeting card, when opened, the shocking circuit is activated. With the circuit connected to aluminium tape electrodes hidden in the shiny foil design, when the user opens the card, they receive a painful shock. The flamethrowing variant was triggered by the same mechanism, though instead sent power to an electric match, shooting a fireball with flash cotton when the card was opened.

These cards make excellent pranks, though we’d be wary about sending them by mail for obvious reasons. We’ve seen [Xyla’s] work before too, with her glowing kayak a particular highlight. Video after the break.


25 thoughts on “Dangerous Greeting Cards You Probably Shouldn’t Send Anyone

  1. I think I’ll stick with the classic “butterfly” twisted elastic type card pranks, or programming mp3/sample playing musical cards with the dulcet tones of Mr Richard Astley Esq. … I know a lot of clumsy ppl who could be surrounded on 355 degrees by water or wet nonflammable objects and manage in panic to throw such a card towards the 5 degrees worth of something highly inflammable.

      1. Yep. Perhaps it’s just the proportion of emotions? Colin Furze is also often childish (although his creations are definitely not), but that doesn’t look odd or out of proportion, like this one.

    1. Itยดs a trend driven by greed, eliciting more clicks on the coveted “follow” button. And yeah most are doing the same. Monkey see, monkey do. You are not old, you were just born too early.

  2. Because at this exact point in our history, with the state of current events as they are, what we really need are easily-delivered incendiary devices for mass distribution.


  3. Wow. Watching that made me feel good. Reading the comments here makes me sad, kinda wish I had skipped them.

    First, do we need incendiary pranks when there are scary things on the news?

    Yes. absolutely, now more than ever stuff like this is exactly what we need! Consider it a reminder to relax and have fun. Just because someone has misused fire to hurt people is not a good reason for all things fire to now evoke images of terrorism. Chose not to see it that way. If

    Is it dangerous? I haven’t used gun cotton myself before. I have used flash paper, it’s pretty harmless and this looks a lot like that.

    Are they having too much fun or showing too much emotion? What? Do you prefer monotone speeches? Hey, that’s fine if you do. To each their own right? Just don’t try to push it on everyone else.

    Are they targeting kids with kid inappropriate material? Well I would totally let my kid watch this. Actually, good idea, I’ll show her tonight. I wouldn’t want her replicating it without adult supervision but I know her and trust her not to. The worst she will do is beg me to make a card with her.

    Other parents, you hopefully know your own kids and can chose appropriately. But anyway, they look like 20 somethings to me and I would guess that is also who they are targeting although I would say it’s just fine for all ages. Except maybe for sneaky kids. That I will give you, this might be good to keep away from sneaky kids.

      1. Depends. The point of the social contract was originally used to justify a sovereign king, saying that any ruler even it a tyrant is better than savage anarchy, so men should rationally choose to be ruled in order to have security. The quote is a counter-argument to that – that there are liberties which should not be sold for any promise of safety, because such promises cannot be trusted or kept. People who do are just being idiots.

        It really means, you should resist knee-jerk reactions because you’re scared of some threat that is used for politics, so you’re not selling your own essential freedom over some passing moral panic.

  4. One repurposed an electric stunning circuit from a portable buzzer, tucking it inside a glossy Disney greeting card. Utilizing a switch from a music welcoming card, when opened, the surprising circuit is triggered. With the circuit connected to aluminium tape electrodes hidden in the shiny foil design.

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