DIY USB-C Touch Monitor Is All Polished Brass

We’ve known for a while that you can buy interface boards to turn old laptop screens into standalone monitors, but complete sets with 4K panels and control boards are also now becoming widely available on sites like eBay and AliExpress, and prices are dropping. These sets are also available with low-profile connectors like micro HDMI and USB-C, which allow for some very compact builds.

[Matt] from [DIY Perks] used one of these sets to build a slimline USB-C monitor with a brass enclosure. Video after the break. The enclosure consists of brass sheets and U-channel pieces soldered and screwed together. There is quite a bit of residue and discoloration after soldering, but this was removed with a bit of sanding and polishing. A pair of adjustable legs were added to allow it to stand on its own, and an additional chamber on the back holds the control board, an old smartphone battery, and a battery protection circuit. [Matt] also added a pair of removable speakers, which are sealed speaker units covered in brass mesh and plate.

We’ve covered several DIY monitor builds over the years, and they are perfect as an additional monitor for a laptop, or for pairing with the Raspberry Pi 400 with its integrated keyboard. We really [Matt]’s builds, which include a smartphone-based 4K projector, and a very effective cooling system for an expensive DSLR camera.

17 thoughts on “DIY USB-C Touch Monitor Is All Polished Brass

    1. I think that the video is meant as a guide how to build an external monitor from an old laptop screen or any bare-bones screen bought online, so the model of screen is irrelevant for the video.

      The video, implies that he is using an LP156WF4, but that screen does not have a built-in touchscreen. The video’s description on youtube links four complete screen and controller board kits, one of which has touch support, so one could guess that he is actually using the NV156FHM-T10 which is the first kit linked.

  1. DIY Perks is the BBC of user generated content on YouTube. Just the detail, care, and quality of the build is amazing. Then there’s the video production itself. It has in a word, “production values”, light, sound and all the different shots.

    1. me too. i’ve already slapped another control board on it and am using it as a side monitor. I’ve yet to find a touch panel with usb c and controller combo like the on featured in the vid, let me know if you find something.

    1. There some youtube tuto for that
      But basically you need:
      1/the reference of the panel
      (Usually LG LM27… (Xx)(Xx)) pay close attention at the 4 last character between parenthesis
      2/ search on google or ebay or aliexpress the reference in 1 ,dont forget add a power supply associated.
      3/ insulate and buy short adapter for the usb and video output .

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