A Guide To Designing A Custom RC Controller

These days, there are tons of RC controllers out there of all shapes and sizes. However, if you want to build something with just the right amount of buttons and sticks for your application, you might want to design something yourself. That’s precisely what [Sebastian] did. 

The project actually began some time ago, with [Sebastian] sharing his process for building a custom ergonomic enclosure through the use of clay and photogrammetry, which we’ve covered before.

Inside that shapely housing, the build relies on a STM32 microcontroller, hooked up to a series of potentiometers, buttons, and a thumbstick (more potentiometers). A NRF24L01 module is used to handle the radio transmission side of things.

Overall, [Sebastian] has produced a great guide to designing a custom RC controller from the ground up, rather than simply instructing one how to replicate his own build. Armed with these skills, any maker should be able to whip up their own entirely bespoke controllers. Video after the break.

5 thoughts on “A Guide To Designing A Custom RC Controller

  1. I love that housing design, looks really cool. In a way it kind of looks like a Razer Hydra controller with some extra inputs, but that’s not too surprising since a Hydra can serve as a model for a pretty nice “generic” one handed controller (with or without motion input). A bit more to it than a Nunchuk, and a bit more of a “full hand” hold. Definitely will watch this one later today.

  2. I was looking for a design that would be suitable for a five-button handheld controller (so that you never leave your fingers of buttons), but everything I found was somehow lacking…

  3. I’ve done this myself but I used bluetac and then took a plaster cast of it, painted the casting to smooth it out, then I took a casting of that in quick drying cement to invert it again, simply smashing off the plaster to reveal the harder concrete within, after drilling a few tiny holes and slicing it in half, I used it as a vacuum forming mould.

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