Scrolling Name Badge Is Sure To Break The Ice

A scrolling name badge that uses LED matrices.

Most makerspaces and hackerspaces have one night per week or month where the ‘space is open to the public in order to entice new people into joining up. Whereas most members just write their name in Sharpie on a piece of masking tape, [Madison] wanted to do something extra. And what better way to get people interested in your ‘space than by wearing something useful that came out of it?

The badge runs on an ATtiny45 and uses three 8×8 ultra-bright LED matrices for scrolling [Madison]’s name. It’s powered by a tiny LiPo battery that is boosted to 5 V. This build really shows off a number of skills, especially design. We love the look of this badge, from the pink silkscreen to the the typography. One of the hardest things about design is finding fonts that work well together, and we think [Madison] chose wisely. Be sure to check it out in action after the break.

Custom name badges are a great way to start conversations no matter where you go. Here’s one that uses EL wire and LEDs that light up in sequence for an animated effect.

Thanks for the tip, [Michael Gardi]!

2 thoughts on “Scrolling Name Badge Is Sure To Break The Ice

  1. Nice work ! I used to buy these years ago to wear at computer meets. I recently bought a mask with a scrolling message display from Amazon. The message is changed by Bluetooth from your phone. However, when you install the app (From China) it wants control of your contact list, phone, camera, and files. Denying it access to any of these causes the app not to work. I notified Amazon with screen grabs and they pulled the item.

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