Serial Studio One Year On

Last year we wrote about [Alex Spataru]’s Serial Studio project, which started life as serial port data visualizer, like a souped-up version of the Arduino serial plotter. [Alex] has been actively improving the project ever since, adding a variety of new features, including

  • JSON editor for data formats
  • TCP, UDP, and Multicast
  • New and more flexible display widgets
  • Multi-signal plots
  • FFT and logarithmic plots
  • VT-100 emulation
  • Support for plugins and themes
  • Added MQTT support

[Alex] originally came up with Serial Studio because he was involved in ground station software for various CanSat projects, each one with similar yet slightly different data formats and display requirements. Rather than make several different programs, he decided to make Serial Studio which could be configured using JSON descriptor files.

The program is open-source and multi-platform. You can build it yourself or download pre-compiled binaries for Windows, Linux, and Mac. See the project GitHub repository for more details. In addition to English, it has also been translated into Spanish, Chinese, and German. What is your go-to tool for visualizing serial data telemetry these days? Let us know in the comments below.

14 thoughts on “Serial Studio One Year On

    1. Depending on the capabilities and configurability (I haven’t tried it yet) – it could be the answer to a number of monitoring projects’ output issues – rather than custom interface programs.

  1. Nice project. Unfortunately the colors are chosen again to remind of a color vision test. Can’t people just pick clear contrasting colors? The multi-plot also looks kinda nice, but too cramped to be useful. You need to see more detail.

  2. > Spanish, Chinese, and Dutch
    From the github page:
    > Read this in other languages: Español 简体中文 Deutsch
    Spanish = Español
    Simplified Chinese = 简体中文
    German = Deutsch

    There is no mention Nederlands (Dutch) :)

  3. I use MegunoLink ( As well as plotting, it also supports a bunch of different visualizers including a drag-and-drop interface panel where you can add buttons and other controls to send commands to the Arduino program. Not free and windows only for now though.

    I really like it, but I’m also the developer so perhaps not completely objective there :). It’s great to see lots of different options for the Arduino community!

  4. I use CDP Studio ( for quick RD visualizers and even data processing that need connecting to different things quick wo coding usually. It has also Linux support and its free for personal use.

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