Fancy Wire Loop Game Is A Beauty In Brass

The simple wire-loop game is often built as a fun project to teach students about electronics. [W&M Levsha] built their own version, showing off their fine crafting and machining skills and branding it as a sobriety test with the playful name “Breathalyzer.”

The mechanics of the game are quite simple. The player must guide a metal ring around the puzzle without touching it. A buzzer and light is used to indicate to the player when they’ve failed, with the project powered from a small lithium-polymer pouch cell charged via a USB port.

Where this build really shines is in the presentation, with [W&M Levsha] showing they really have what it takes to do great work in brass. Rather than a simple bent wire, we’re instead treated to a delicately-formed beam of rectangular cross-section hewn out of a single piece of metal. It’s paired with a nicely-crafted wand with a knurled handle.

We’ve seen similar displays of their exquisite craft before, too – such as with a bespoke toothbrush and a powder-powered lighter. Video after the break.

4 thoughts on “Fancy Wire Loop Game Is A Beauty In Brass

  1. Beautiful final product.
    I would suggest buying an Air Deburring System or some other powered deburring tool. It would save a lot of time on the cleanup of the cnc cut on the brass part.

  2. Very nicely done. It will make a beautiful fiddle-digit-itus desk accessory. :-)

    One idea: Could you make it like a theremin, so the circuit measures the capacitance between the wire and ring to produce an audio tone? The pitch would tell you how close you are to touching the wire.

  3. 10 min video; doesnt show it actually properly being used as in playing it as a game.

    So many build videos like this.
    Why do people do this? Leave out actually using it?
    I dont get it.

    1. The creator demonstrates it around 9:20 in the video.. I don’t think the game has any further depth than what is briefly shown, without adding arbitrary rules (ie; do a shot of vodka when you touch, go back to the start lol ~ would be brutal)

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