Real Tractor Moonlights As Farming Simulator Controller

Dylan showing off his giant tractor video game controller

Around October, amid all the pumpkin spiced food and beverages, folks make their yearly pilgrimage to a local farm. They load themselves onto hay-filled tractor trailers and ride out in search of the perfect pumpkin to put on the front porch, and let it slowly decompose. The “closest” a video game has come to replicating this seasonal event is the annual Farming Simulator series. One modder, [Dylan], decided to add an extra level of authenticity to the Farming Simulator experience by controlling the game with an actual tractor.

The opportunity for the project presented itself thanks to a local Kiwi farmer (Kiwi as in New Zealand, not the fruit) who provided [Dylan] with access to a Case IH 310 Magnum CVT tractor. [Dylan] built a custom USB controller that mirrored the actual layout of the tractor’s control pad. Tilt sensors were wrapped around the tractor’s steering wheel and throttle to provide analog input for steering and speed control. After a number of hours tweaking the setup on site, [Dylan] live-streamed his Farming Simulator PC play session (video below) with the tractor itself left off for obvious reasons. Without tractor motor engaged there was no power steering, so he deserves a bit of extra credit for making it through multiple hours.

This certainly isn’t the first ridiculous controller project [Dylan] has taken on. He’s created a trombone controller to just to play Trombone Champ, a Nerf bow controller for Overwatch, and he even played through Hades using a literal pomegranate. You can watch more of [Dylan’s] custom controller projects on his Rudeism Twitch channel.

For more on giant farm machines check out this post on an autonomous John Deere tractor.

9 thoughts on “Real Tractor Moonlights As Farming Simulator Controller

  1. If you get hold of a spare tractor, why simulate farming? Either use it to actually farm, the world needs a bigger supply of high quality outdoor farmed meats, or drive it down to a government headquarters (see events in the Netherlands) and park outside to protest against idiotic governmental attacks on the security of our food supply.

    1. I’m Dutch and i cant tell if you’re joking or serious? With all due respect etc:

      – There are to many cows, we’ve known this for decades, we really DO NOT need more cattle farmers, we all eat way to much meat & cows play a big part in global warming (yes yes i know what you’re going to say, the oceans play a bigger part, that still doesn’t excuse all the cows) and globally we waste insane amounts of meat each year because of overproduction. We really dont need to produce more meat, we need to produce much less.

      – Dutch farmers were warned YEARS AGO that these changes were coming, there were funds available to change farms and everything, so i’m sorry to be so blunt about it but i literally couldn’t give less of a f*ck about some ~10% that decided to ignore the government & government-aid for several years, y’all are simply to late now, piss off and stop blocking the roads. And maybe remember this for the future, if government is warning about changes and doing hand-outs its probably for a good reason??

      Sorry for being rude, but in my humble opinion the ~10% that’s protesting are just a bunch of idiots, they should stop blocking the roads. Its not my fault & they are not “fighting my fight” or anything like that at all. Instead they should use the time they waste on protests to go to business school so they can learn how to properly run a farm… Imagine running a (multi-)million euro company but not listening to government, that’s just dumb…

      Again, my bad, just, no.

      1. Chopping down rainforests to grow palm oil plantations for the manufacture of meat “substitutes”, then flying the products of these half way around the world is a far worse climate threat than cows. Furthermore, unlike CO2 emissions, cow’s methane, while a worse climate gas, is short lived in the atmosphere, the overall effect being that a new herd of cows increases methane quantities briefly but then they stabilise again, methane is a flow rather than stock greenhouse gas and therefore attempting to reduce herd sizes will have no long term effect. Far better for the climate to do sensible things like build nuclear powerplants and put solar panels on urban roofs, and yes, you can put wind turbines amid cattle grazing fields too. And yes, I do wish we’d actually find uses for the parts of an animal that go to waste, it isn’t right to throw away such useful products, we mostly have bureacrats and marketers to blame for the drop in usage of animal products other than the very top grade meat cuts. Also, just because a government warns you years ago that they are going to force inappropriate changes on you isn’t a reason to comply. The Sri Lankan government did something imilar mroe recently, in reality due to a collapsing currency preventing imports though they dressed it up as though it were for environmental reasons, that country quickly fell in to famine. When a government is doing things which are wrong, immoral and stupid, then businesses which ignore and defy governments are the very best ones. I’m sorry for you that your commutes have been blocked by those heroic farmers, but there is a moral point underlying this and the farmers are on the right side of it.

  2. That farming simuator doesn’t seem very accurate. Where’s the level where you have to drive in to downtown Amsterdam to protest against a government which wants to cut off your supplies, plunge you back to the the pre-industrial era, make your farm uneconomical and then steal your land once you go bust?

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