Clean Slate Is A Vintage Amplifier-Inspired PC

An art deco style computer made of several grey/blue boxes with silver grates on top of a maple platform.

Hacks that bring a vintage flair to modern electronics never get old, and [Jeffrey Stephenson] delivers with his Project Clean Slate inspired by vintage tube amps.

Thinking outside the traditional single box PC, [Jeffrey] built his computer into a series of component-specific boxes all attached to a platform housing the Micro ATX motherboard. The base is made of plywood with a birds-eye maple veneer and each of the component boxes features two different sizes of wire mesh to manipulate the viewer’s perception of the dimensions. Even the I/O and graphics card plates are custom made from aluminum for this build.

If you really want to dig into how this PC came to life, there’s a very detailed build log including every step of the process from bare board to finished product. We love when we get an inside look at the thought process behind each design decision in a build.

We’ve featured [Jeffrey] before with his Humidor Cluster, and you may also like this PC inside a vintage radio.

9 thoughts on “Clean Slate Is A Vintage Amplifier-Inspired PC

  1. I think it would be cool to put an old power transformer shell over the PSU, but that’s just me. Maybe some random capacitor cans just for bravado. And of course octal USB. A thumb drive in a tube or octal input transformer.

  2. My initial Folding@Home rig was a really raw and inadvertently similar setup, everything bolted to a plywood board. While the system is now encased in a Corsair box, this beautification would still leave me room for the inevitable GPU updates.

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