An Open Source Firmware For Cheap Geiger Counters

It is a time-honored tradition: buy some cheap piece of gear and rewrite the firmware to make it work better. [Gissio] managed to do just that for a cheap FS2011 Geiger counter. Apparently, the firmware will also work with some similar Chinese models, too.

The new firmware boasts an improved UI and multiple measurement units, including Sievert, Rem, and counts per minute or second. You can hold the measurement or compute a dose or average rate. The new firmware also has a host of customizations and can accommodate different tubes.

There are, however, two really key features. First, the new firmware offers about 40% more battery life than the stock version. Second, there is now an onboard nuclear chess game! That way, you can enjoy yourself while you are getting irradiated. There are also a few suggested hardware mods that are optional to improve measurements and increase the buzzer volume, among other things.

If you get a Geiger counter, you might be surprised at what things are slightly radioactive. If you don’t need the microcontroller, you can make a workable counter on the cheap.

11 thoughts on “An Open Source Firmware For Cheap Geiger Counters

  1. I just checked prices locally. This is not a cheap counter. On related note I have (somewhere) a military grade counter that was used in polish tanks. For much less…

    1. From the link, it is about $40.
      What is ‘locally’ ?
      How much is cheap ?
      The military one won’t accept this firmware which was the point of the article, though it might be a better subject for experiment

      1. This model in my country costs an equivalent of 85-135USD. My tank dosimeter/counter with single probe costed me less than 20USD…
        And it won’t accept any firmware as it’s purely analog design…

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