Angry Robot Face Is Less Than Friendly

Sometimes you just need to create a creepy robot head and give it an intimidating personality. [Jens] has done just that, and ably so, with his latest eerie creation.

The robot face is introduced to us with a soundtrack befitting Stranger Things, or maybe Luke Million. The build was inspired by The Doorman, a creepy art piece with animatronic eyes. [Jens’] build started with a 3D model of a 3D mask, with the eyes and mouth modified to have rectangular cutouts for LED displays. The displays are run by a Raspberry Pi Pico, which generates a variety of eye and mouth animations. It uses a camera for face tracking, so the robot’s evil eyes seem to follow the viewer as they move around. In good form, the face has a simple switch—from good to evil, happy to angry. Or, as [Jens] designates the modes: “Fren” and “Not Fren.”

[Jens] does a great job explaining the build, and his acting at the end of the video is absolutely worth a chuckle. Given Halloween is around the corner, why not build five to eight of these, and hide them in your roommate’s bedroom?

Video after the break.

10 thoughts on “Angry Robot Face Is Less Than Friendly

      1. You might want to avoid this… I bought a Covid face mask on Amazon that could do scrolling messages. When I installed the app on my phone it wanted access to my camera, access to my contact list, access to my location, and ACCESS to my phone ! If I said no to any of these requirements the install would start over. It had to have access to the entire phone or it wouldn’t work. I saw on the net that a programmer had looked at the code and found a link to a website in China. Then came the reports of strange spam texts coming from these phones as well as jumps in phone usage. It got reported to Amazon and they pulled it. This Angry Robot Face (great build by the way)… may be less friendly but it safer than installing an app on your that hijacks it.

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