Decker Is The Cozy Retro Creative Engine You Didn’t Know You Needed

[John Earnest]’s passion project Decker is creative software with a classic MacOS look (it’s not limited to running on Macs, however) for easily making and sharing interactive documents with sound, images, hypertext, scripted behavior, and more to allow making just about anything in a WYSIWYG manner.

Decker creates decks, which can be thought of as a stack of digital cards that link to one another. Each card in a deck can contain cozy 1-bit art, sound, interactive elements, scripted behavior, and a surprisingly large amount of other features.

Curious? Check out the Decker guided tour to get a peek at just what Decker is capable of. Then download it and prototype an idea, create a presentation, make a game, or just doodle some 1-bit art with nice tools.

A peek at what it’s like to create in Decker. Check out the online guided tour to learn more.

Decks are saved as standalone HTML documents which execute in any web browser, making them easy to share anywhere a web page can be hosted or embedded.

Decker’s GitHub repository hosts the code, and pre-built binaries for Mac and Windows are available from the author’s page for those who would like to support with an (optional) donation.

Does Decker look a little familiar to you? Decker draws strong influence from HyperCard, an atypical piece of 90s software that was a sort of graphical interface and toolset, database, and programming language all rolled into one. We’ve seen HyperCard used to make a game engine, but Decker looks like a much more modern and friendly way to scratch the same itch.

9 thoughts on “Decker Is The Cozy Retro Creative Engine You Didn’t Know You Needed

  1. What’s that Macintosh SE era black and white (?) flying scrolling “world” game with clouds and stuff you would expect to find in an xkcd cartoon? Very slow, but a master piece of art.

    It was way before its time, but I can’t find it anywhere.

      1. After reminding myself about the existence of the game glider I immediately went and searched online to see if someone made a port (Aerofoil indeed!) and indeed there is a windows port as well which I of course downloaded and played for one hour it is fantastic!

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