Life-Sized Rock’em Sock’em Robot Will Definitely Knock Your Block Off

He knocked his block off! That’s what [Zach] of Byte Sized Engineering is planning on saying when he completes this Rock’em Sock’em Robots replica. The twist? His replica is going to be life-sized. The original game involved two players, each controlling a robot that could punch and block with two lever-driven arms. [Zach] is looking to scale that up to human sized, but with a few interesting technical additions.

This build might be a bit large to be driven by a small child, so for the punching action [Zach] is using a four-bar linkage moved by a pneumatic cylinder. After some modelling, he decided on a 16mm bore and 100mm stroke cylinder that should provide a good, quick pneumatic action, but without putting so much force in that it destroys the whole thing. The aim is to knock his block off, not to permanently remove his block and take someone else’s  block with it. This first video details his first prototype of the arm and the first set of tests, with later videos hopefully getting more into the mechanism and technical details of the build. We’d also like to see  (hint, hint [Zach]) some of the files and code to follow up with.

Bonus fact: as older Brits may tell you, the game was marketed for some time there under the name “Raving Bonkers“, with the robots renamed as Basher Bonker and Biffer Bonker.  The name didn’t catch on, and they changed back to the Rock’em Sock’em robots name.  Ask someone in the UK these days if they want to play raving bonkers with your basher, and you will probably get your own block knocked off. Video below the break.

2 thoughts on “Life-Sized Rock’em Sock’em Robot Will Definitely Knock Your Block Off

  1. There was a show called “Prototype this!” where they just came up with cool crazy ideas and they had a certain time frame to complete them. One of the projects was a life-size Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robot set.
    The best one was probably the Infinite Water Slide. The show was short lived as they often weren’t able to complete the projects. I think it came on after Mythbusters.

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