Packing For Supercon? Here’s A Printable Case For Your Badge

Render of the shell pictured standing on the pavement, with shell parts printed in white and button parts printed in orange

Hackaday Supercon 2023 is a week away, and if you’re still thinking about the equipment you need to take with you, here’s something you’ll want to print – a case for the Supercon 2023 badge that you will find inside of your goodie bag. This year’s Supercon badge is a gorgeous analog playground board we call Vectorscope, powered by an RP2040, MicroPython, and a ton of love for all of the creativity that we’ve seen you bunch express through the wonders of analog electronics. There’s a round LCD screen, SMD buttons galore, as well as some pokey through-hole headers, and if you’ve carried a badge around, you know that all of these can be a bit touchy! You’re in luck, though – just in time, [T.B. Trzepacz] brings us a 3D-printed shell.

Over on Hackaday Discord, we’ve been watching this shell go through multiple iterations throughout the past few days – the initial design pics appeared almost as soon as we published the PCB files for the badge! Yesterday, [T.B. Trzepacz] dropped by the Design Lab where we’ve been putting finishing touches on the badges, and armed with the real-world PCBs, made the final tweaks to the design – then gave us the go-ahead to spread the word.

This shell is practical but elegant and does a mighty fine job protecting both the badge and the wearer. Nothing is hidden away, from the buttons to the expansion headers, and the lanyard holes keep it wearable. At this time, grab the Basic 2 files – these should work for SLA and FDM printers alike, and they’re tolerant enough even for FDM printers below average. Pick your favourite color scheme, or go for one of the transparent SLA resins, and when you arrive at the Supercon, you’ll have a case you can rely on.

Want to give this case your own spin? Perhaps a Pip-Boy aesthetic or a Vectrex console vibe? Should you want to modify anything, the Fusion360 sources are right there, open-source as they ought to be. It’s been a pleasure watching this case design grow, and in case you’re looking to hire a skilled engineer in Berlin, [T.B. Trzepacz] is looking for work!

2 thoughts on “Packing For Supercon? Here’s A Printable Case For Your Badge

  1. Thanks Arya for writing my project up!

    I really want to stress that I made this project very plain for the purpose of it being a blank slate for other people to remix to make their own personalized badge enclosures. I didn’t even put a logo on it, so at a bare minimum, put a Hackaday logo, or put your own, or your name!
    But I’ll be really disappointed if I don’t see at least one PipBoy badge based on this at the show…
    I’m planning to do a Tektronix Type 547A styled mod, myself, but don’t let that stop you from doing on!

    It turns out I have one more revision to go, which is to make a version that fits the badge hacking board. It kinda goes in a bad place that interferes with the joystick, so I was loathe to make one at first, but I’d rather people have an enclosure than not, so I’m making the mods and will probably have them done by Monday or Tuesday. Don’t let that stop you from modding the enclosure tho! That one is gonna be kinda bulky for hanging by a lanyard…

    As the article mentioned, I’m looking for work in Berlin.

    I’m trying to emigrate from the US in January, and although I am fully capable of providing for myself, it turns out I can’t get insurance without a job, and I can’t emigrate without insurance.
    And my age and pre-existing conditions make it pretty much impossible to get private insurance, but being a freelancer / self-employed make it impossible for me to get public insurance.

    It would be really crappy to have to give up on this dream because of health insurance.

    So, having seen my work here, on my Hackaday projects and profile, and on my website , if somebody would be kind enough to offer me something that I can start in early 2023 (January + however long immigration paperwork takes) I would really appreciate it!

    I’m really good at speaking German badly, and am skilled in programming C/C++ for microcontrollers and ancient game systems. I used to work on AAA videogames as a senior gameplay programmer in a past life, but now I design music synthesizers and do all the maker things. I mostly learn what I need to learn to get stuff done, but that’s really hard to communicate on a CV…

    I’ll be available for chat at Supercon, and can be messaged directly if you like… um… if somebody can tell me how to safely provide that information in a way that spam bots won’t pick up…

    Thank you for coming to my talk! The next speaker is in just a few minutes, so we’ll be taking questions in the lobby…

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