2023 Halloween Hackfest: Spooky Noise Maker Is Self-Contained

We just love it when y’all build off of each other’s projects. This spooky Halloween noise maker from [C.M. Herron] is no exception. But while the projects we’ve seen lately rely on external computers and/or guitar pedals to create the effects part of the build, this one has everything running on a Raspberry Pi that sits inside the box.

Readers of a certain vintage will recognize this as an 8-track storage box, on top of which are several noise-making objects that creak and ting and reverberate nicely. A USB microphone picks up the sounds, and by using a regular microphone instead of a piezo, [C.M.] can introduce varying levels of feedback to make the sounds even spookier.

So, how did [C.M.] make this work on a Pi 4? To put it simply, they’ve got the Reaper DAW and Windows Valhalla plugins running on top of WINE, which running on top of Box64, which is running on top of the Bullseye Pi OS. [C.M.] sure learned a lot from this build, and hopes to inspire others to build their own spooky noise boxen. Plus, they’ve already thought of ways to improve it for next year. Be sure to check it out in action after the break.

4 thoughts on “2023 Halloween Hackfest: Spooky Noise Maker Is Self-Contained

    1. Original project owner here: The “screwdriver” which is actually a paint can opener was used by the kids to whack the triangle hanging over on the left hand side. That high pitched triangle frequency sounded fantastic in person with all the Valhalla effects running! I’m still working to post a few more of the project files on Hackaday.io. I was traveling with this thing to my son’s house 4 states away so just barely had time to finish the project in time … hence the late submission to the Halloween contest. :-)

  1. That’s not a screwdriver it’s a combination bottle opener and paint can opener! Those were common giveaways years ago in hardware stores. Perfect for getting painted whilst painting.

    1. Shoot! I thought it was one of those screwdrivers that Gusdorf used to include for assembling their TV stands (darn sturdy screwdrivers at that!)
      But, I did buy one of those paint can openers just a week ago at Rabbit hat for Hugh Manatee’s ReStore last week! (25 cents)

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