Tiny Arduino Drone Even Has An FPV Camera

In the turmoil of today’s world, drones are getting bigger, badder, and angrier. [Max Imagination] has gone the other way with his work, though, building a teeny Arduino drone that can fit in the palm of your hand. Even if you have a small hand!

The drone is based around an Arduino Pro Mini, and uses an MPU6050 IMU for motion sensing and flight control. Communication with the drone is via an NRF24L01. Four small coreless motors are used for propulsion, driven by tiny MOSFETs, and the whole assembly is run via a teeny 220 mAh lithium-polymer battery. Oh, and there’s an FPV camera so you can put on some goggles and see where it’s going!

Control is via MultiWii software, written specifically for building multirotor craft. [Max] flies the craft using a controller of his own creation, again using an NRF24L01 for communication.

It’s a neat build, and a titchy one too! Tiny drones have a character all their own, even if they can’t really stand up to windier outdoor environments. Video after the break.

15 thoughts on “Tiny Arduino Drone Even Has An FPV Camera

    1. I refuse to patronize or otherwise interact with any website or commercial wherein the author(s) assume that everyone knows what acronyms and abbreviations such as FPV mean. Originally interested, I know little about drones and less about photography. Happy flying; you won”t see me in the air anytime soon, especially with your product.

      1. By that logic, I assume you do not own a TV, GPS receiver, FM radio, any device with USB as part of the name, or a PC. Or, that any such devices are from manufacturers who explain and spell out what these mean.

      2. First Person View. You are seeing the world through the camera on the drone. Some RC pilots wear a VR display, others watch a tiny display.

        The visual feedback would be similar to a FPS video games.

      3. Did you come to a somewhat technical website to tell everyone you’re not sure how to use google for exceptionally basic searches. Too bad you don’t have a web browser or internet connection or you could search FPV in any engine as I just did and just FPV brought up both drones and the definition. Hopefully you live a life with out acronyms or life would be a nightmare for you!

  1. Looks like a cool project.
    I might have gone to that much trouble back when I was first learning about electronics. However, nowadays, not so much.
    It was fun watching the video, though, and I salute you for hanging in there with the troubleshooting, and getting it all working! The proof of concept is in that final flight video!
    Congrats! The learning experience, plus the confidence gained, is worth all the trouble! Enjoy!

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