3D-Printed Macro Pad Plate Is LEGO-Compatible

Most of a three-key macro pad featuring a 3D-printed, LEGO-compatible plate.

We love LEGO, we love keyboards, and when the two join forces, we’re usually looking at a versatile peripheral that’s practically indestructible. Such seems to be the case with [joshmarinacci]’s LEGO-compatible 3D-printed plate for a three-key macro pad. For a first foray into scratch-built keyboard construction, we think this is pretty great.

The idea here is threefold: the plate holds the switches in place, negates the need for a PCB, and makes it possible to build the case completely out of LEGO. In fact, [joshmarinacci]’s plan for the keycaps even includes LEGO — they are going to 3D print little adapters that fit the key switch’s stem on one side, and the underside of a 2×2 plate on the other.

Although [joshmarinacci]’s plan is to design a PCB for the next version, there is plenty to be said for combining the plate and the PCB by printing guides for the wires, which we’ve seen before. We’ve also seen LEGO used to create a keyboard stand that fits just right. 


2 thoughts on “3D-Printed Macro Pad Plate Is LEGO-Compatible

  1. It is a great idea, for prototyping or building special “one of a kind” keyboards, for example for use by the handicapped.

    I have done something similar, with laser cut wooden “modules” with LEGO and Meccano compatible holes, to be able to easily try different key sizes, spacing and placing, to fit individual needs.

    Nice project !

    Best regards,

    A/P Daniel F. Larrosa
    Montevideo – Uruguay

    1. OP here. I didn’t expect this to show up on Hackaday. I’m glad people are interested in it. By 3D printing the PCB I was able to do several iterations to get the sizing right before ordering real PCBs. This type of tech is so accessible now compared to when I was a kid.

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