defcon day 1 – stuff, stuff, and more stuff


The Zeus room at Defcon contains tons of cool merch and items. Everything from custom segways, to wardriving cantennas to your t-shirt swag. Some of the cool things you’ll find there though are the more cheaper items. For example, lockpicking kits are being sold and you can lockpick a doorknob and bike lock to try it out. It’s pretty hard. They also have a stand with all kinds of used hardware. I mean tons of cool stuff. Like above, there’s used “as-is” laptops for sale on the cheap. This is perfect for the sub-$100 laptop contest we had! There’s tons of used Sun servers, Cisco routers, and other great techno-crap.

There’s also a plethora of t-shirts, stickers, and other dumb fun crap. A book stand contains books on all topics from ethereal to shell scripting to identity theft. It’s great. You can win some great prizes too like t-shirts and iPods.

And yes. We know we got “hacked” or whatever you want to call it. Twas expected of course. No biggie. We appreciate other hackers not being malicious. That’s what makes a hacker good and not bad. Don’t forget that. We also appreciate you guys stopping by today and grabbing swag and saying hi. It’s been a great time so far. Tomorrow we’ll have t-shirts for sale! So get ready to get yours!

guy with pins

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defcon day 1 – waking up

late night drunk shit

 Vegas has been great. Look above, how neat.

I got in from hanging with Phil Torrone and Jason Striegel last night. We woke Eliot up. Then he woke me up.

The conference starts in an hour. My pass broke already. We’ve got about 5 pins left and a ton of stickers. If you want a pin, you have to give us something in return! We’d love to see a hack.

So come meet us at The Alexis Park/Resort/Dump and chat with us.
We’ll be hollerin back. Later!

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defcon day 1 – the law, the swag


Hey! The swag is already out and in full force. Defcon is great, but beware about photos, here’s what our man with the master plan Jason C. says:

“We’re 10 minutes into the event and the first privacy/freedom of speech debate has started. The topic was, of course, photos. An organizer went off a long tirade about not taking pictures of the speakers or audience without their permission and that the press would have their film taken if they did. They did says that you could take pictures of the backs of people’s heads without permission. So, since many of you have always wanted to see the backs of 500 sweaty nerds in a tent

defcon day -1 at 12:40pm PST

Viva las vegas. it’s now 12:30pm here, 3:30pm there (philadelphia).

when the box office opens for tickets, we’ll be there (we = me. eliot gets in late. torrone might be there with me)

we suggest you meet up with us. the t-shirts got lost with UPS, but they’ll be getting a new order here by saturday for us. so no worries! defcon visitors will get some!

expect more posts today. jet lag kills. don’t IM me unless you ARE going to defcon.
if you will be going to defcon, send us a tip or comment with a way to get in touch with you and we’ll let you know whats up. meet us before defcon then come ask us Q&A and show us hacks tomorrow!

plenty of stickers to give out still!

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hackaday lazy afternoons

Lazy Afternoons

let’s talk defcon.

first off, the t-shirts were “delivered” yesterday. except they either:

A. got stolen within a one hour window of no one being home in my mother’s town which has like no crime.
B. UPS screwed up hardcore. probably true.
C. I dunno.

So UPS says they got delivered, but they didn’t. This is a huge problem. So most of today I’ll spend remedying the situation. Second, will you be at Defcon? Let us know. Come by and say hi to us, meet up, talk with us, and all. It’ll be Me, Eliot, Jason Calacanis (Weblogs Inc. co-founder/CEO), Phillip Torrone (hackaday creator), and Jason Striegel will be there as well. We’ll have t-shirts, stickers, and a very limited number of pins to give out. Bring your hacks too! We wanna see em!

Also, my flight to Vegas is Thursday and I’ll be getting there SUPER early at 10:30am I believe. Would anyone from the area want to meet up? Show me around? Go to Defcon registration with me? Let me know. Eliot doesn’t get in until 10pm I believe.

So needless to say, don’t expect the usual links until next week. Instead, expect post after post about Defcon. Yes, we will be using color pictures too. Don’t cry. We’ll be throwing a few contests too so you can score a hackaday prize pack.

So as I spend the final 24 hours packing, etc., keep an eye out for us in Vegas. We’ll be 0wning it. Trust us. We’ll throw a poll up too probably.

5 last minute links for ya’ll!
#1. Google maps again. This time, find cellphone towers.
#2. Microsoft be checkin…for yo’ pirated copy a windows fool. Sucks for a lot of us I’m sure.
#3. Homemade headphones. Just like mom makes em. [cyanoacry]
#4. This wi-fi light is incredibly awesome. I mean just look at it.
#5. Actual flying star wars ship models. Insane.

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