Lego Self-adaptive Hand

self adaptive hand

I usually don’t feature LEGO projects because there is already a huge community and probably better places to get your LEGO info. That being said, I couldn’t pass this project up. It has an infrared sensor for detecting objects and only uses three pneumatic cylinders. The most interesting aspect of the hand is its underactuated fingers. The built in “mechanical intelligence” allows for shape adaptation even though there are fewer actuators than degrees of freedom. Don’t worry there’s a link to clear that last bit up.

[thanks ator1]

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Hackaday Lazy Afternoons

Lazy Afternoons

let’s talk defcon.

first off, the t-shirts were “delivered” yesterday. except they either:

A. got stolen within a one hour window of no one being home in my mother’s town which has like no crime.
B. UPS screwed up hardcore. probably true.
C. I dunno.

So UPS says they got delivered, but they didn’t. This is a huge problem. So most of today I’ll spend remedying the situation. Second, will you be at Defcon? Let us know. Come by and say hi to us, meet up, talk with us, and all. It’ll be Me, Eliot, Jason Calacanis (Weblogs Inc. co-founder/CEO), Phillip Torrone (hackaday creator), and Jason Striegel will be there as well. We’ll have t-shirts, stickers, and a very limited number of pins to give out. Bring your hacks too! We wanna see em!

Also, my flight to Vegas is Thursday and I’ll be getting there SUPER early at 10:30am I believe. Would anyone from the area want to meet up? Show me around? Go to Defcon registration with me? Let me know. Eliot doesn’t get in until 10pm I believe.

So needless to say, don’t expect the usual links until next week. Instead, expect post after post about Defcon. Yes, we will be using color pictures too. Don’t cry. We’ll be throwing a few contests too so you can score a hackaday prize pack.

So as I spend the final 24 hours packing, etc., keep an eye out for us in Vegas. We’ll be 0wning it. Trust us. We’ll throw a poll up too probably.

5 last minute links for ya’ll!
#1. Google maps again. This time, find cellphone towers.
#2. Microsoft be checkin…for yo’ pirated copy a windows fool. Sucks for a lot of us I’m sure.
#3. Homemade headphones. Just like mom makes em. [cyanoacry]
#4. This wi-fi light is incredibly awesome. I mean just look at it.
#5. Actual flying star wars ship models. Insane.

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