Build A Spinning POV In A Day

We love spinning POV displays but have yet to build one to call our very own. This project might be the one that we end up building. It’s looks good and it’s the only persistence of vision display that comes to mind which can be built in twelve hours.

The spinning is taken care of by a PC fan. This actually helps with some of the calculations as this fan spins at a know RPM. That information, along with a bit of geometry, can be used to calculate the timer interrupts for syncing the display. A reference point for this device is provided by an IR receiver/emitter pair which is easy to wire up since you already need a voltage source for the fan itself. The rest of the hardware is pretty common: a battery holder is centered on the axis for proper weight distribution and protoboard houses the components such as a PIC 18F252, 74LS373 data latches, and the LEDs themselves. The circuit is wire-wrapped, and works like a charm as evidenced in the clip after the break.

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