Quit Monkeying About!

Monkey Business

This friendly little monkey is the latest creation from [Jan Sieber] and [Ralph Kistler]. Yes it’s another Kinect Hack, the Kinect tracks the users stance using the OpenNI Framework and OSCeleton. The information is sent to an Arduino crammed inside the monkey, also inside the poor little monkey are 10 servo motors and a nightmarish wire skeleton. The monkey is left dangling from the Kinect sensor by several cables, ready to follow your every move. The monkey seems fairly sprightly for someone who has had all their insides removed, it is able to copy a multitude of stances quite swiftly.

The video after the break shows the monkey in action for about 1 minute. Then the team go through the build and application of the clever little monkey in a musical/documentary style video. There is also a creepy section where the monkey draws its own skeleton then freaks out.. Enjoy..

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