geocamming — unsecurity cameras revisited

unsecured security camera

this one is for all the people who couldn’t see the netcams from sunday’s post.  it turns out that the web interface to these cameras can serve both motion-jpeg and traditional jpeg frames (the latter with browser refresh). unfortunately, many browsers (including safari on my machine) don’t appear to handle motion-jpeg.

no need to switch browsers, though. you can use google to filter out the motion-jpeg urls. you’ll even benefit by reducing the amount of bandwidth you use (really nice for the slow camera connections). just google for inurl:”ViewerFrame?Mode=Refresh”

there’s something incredibly cool about seeing what is happening around the world. you can change the interface language to english by setting the language id to 4 in the url.

the cameras i’ve seen all have an image capture feature (brown link on the bottom left of the interface). you can take snapshots of what’s currently going on, or view captures that other people have taken with the camera. i wouldn’t be surprised if people start making a sport of this.

these all appear to be panasonic network cameras, by the way. in all fairness, they work quite well and they aren’t the first device to fall victim to people who don’t set passwords. here are some other nice geocamming start points.
axis cameras: jpeg, motion-jpeg, with interface and canon too.


  1. ed2k says:

    very cool :-)
    muito maneiro:-)
    send your best camera link!!!!
    in the comment

  2. J says:

    Or you can simply go to any panasonic cam, and just change the mode= from Refresh to Motion, or the other way.

  3. awfulshot says:

    there was a slashdot story a while ago on this and there was a few more camera links

    heres a post with more camera feeds

  4. angstrom says:

    wow, I saw an owl on one of those cams. I stored a few images in the buffer.

    take a look (unless it’s been overwritten)×480&VQuality=Standard&Language=0

  5. a_deaf_guy says:

    Can you find any camera store inside the building that’s IT tech. If so, can you find the IP address TAG on the wall or next to computer? If you don’t know what i’m talking about Go to Best Buy, and take a good look in front of desk, there’s the Label with the IP address next to computers… If you get them, then you can connect from your laptop to store… or even use telnet, ftp, nbtstat, net, or whatever in order to get the target… and enable to connect.. All after that, you can walk in the store and use the sale laptop, and start connect and use whatever you want..(that is for the customer can use them to screw around the laptop)

    Pardon my english..
    Keep on hack

  6. barbobot says:

    This is really cool i’m new here to hack a day, but you now earned a place as my default page when starting firefox.(my default has been about:mozilla for 4 yers btw)

  7. Someone says:

    will this work on printers too?

  8. zool says:

    works on printers as well, it fun to send random crap to companys pinters, ascii porn is a personal fav… :)

  9. Callum says:

    say what!? Deaf, can you clarify your crazzzy intentions? Great stuff hack-a-day!

  10. Umberto says:



    post the best one you found

  11. meltz014 says:

    hi everybody (hi dr. nick). heres a funny cam of some dog kennel or somethin. you can see a bunch of dogs and stuff play/fight with each other.×480&Quality=refresh&Interval=10&Size=STD&PresetOperation=Move&Language=2

  12. Graham.mackie says:

    how do you access printers in google???

  13. Umberto21 says:

    look google with url “home/homeA.html”

    you gat all the cool SONY PVT cameras, with nice interface, zoom, etc

  14. Nut$aK* says:

    Great Stuff.. I think Deaf intentions are that the ip address found on the computers in best buy, have very VERY low security. So if you’re an alright hacker, these = easy targets so u can access the laptops that bestbuy own. (meaning there are certian codes stored on thos computers so you can access the laptops)

  15. aaron says:

    Anyone know the default admin password for these panasonics?

  16. Umberto21 says:

    also try a search on google:

  17. Roach says:

    lol this is so funny. i was hackling somone for control over a camera and this girl looked up at it and gave it a weir look then when back to sum dogs.

  18. josh says:

    How would one go about reporting these to the administrators?

  19. andrew says:

    Check out for the Geocamming Global Survey project….a project to develop a map of real world locations for the cameras out there.

  20. andrew says:

    Check out for the Geocamming Global Survey project….a project to develop a map of real world locations for the cameras out there.

  21. andrew says:

    Check out for the Geocamming Global Survey project….a project to develop a map of real world locations for the cameras out there.

  22. Malfar says:

    Just thought you guys might like to know, if you do a google search for allinurl: “viewframe?mode=motion” and it doesn’t display when you go to the link, just change in the address bar a few things. in the url where it says mode=motion, change it to mode=refresh, and at the end of the url add &interval=30 and you should be able to view it, this will give you more cameras to choose from as some ppl don’t send the mode to refresh.. Enjoy

  23. Malfar says:

    Just want to update, let you know that if you change the mode to mode=Refresh, make sure you capitalize the R in Refresh, and when you add the &Interval= make sure that the I is capitalized as well.

  24. seth says:

    i found a cam in a panasonic office or repair center or warehouse or something, im pretty sure it was a big facility because they had manuals for alot of there cameras and had a monitor of security cameras which included one on a truck loading area

  25. josh says:

    If I want to view the cameras at my work? How would I find them?

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  28. phonecard says:

    This is so cool and funny man.. i dont even know that we can hack people web camera like this.

  29. Mikey says:

    Weird url this has many Panasonic cams with preview images – refresh them all with one click.

  30. Tracy Esau says:

    this has an amazing camera link in it

  31. stonelookmeg says:

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  32. calling Cards says:

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  33. farah says:

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  34. Nanners says:

    Sorry to bump up an old post like this, but I’ve recently “refound” this post while looking through old bookmarks. In the past I usually had a second browser open and looked at one cam at a time. Now I have windows 7 desktop gadgets setup on a small secondary monitor and view multiple cameras around the world at once. I find it fascinating since I have no idea where some of the cameras are, and a few are actually outside where it’s dark. I find it very fun to watch the sun rise in that area and figure out where in the world they might be.

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