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ti graphing calculator

here’s a link from maurizio that has instructions for overclocking your favorite ti graphing calculator.  a simple swap of a capacitor and you can get your homework finished double speed.  add a switch and you can convert back to normal speed for playing games.

12 thoughts on “Overclock Your Calculator

  1. this works, but I just removed the cap alltogether. No side effects except it was faster.

    Of course I never even came close to using the full capacity of the calculator, but I could add and subtract at lightspeed!

    Tetris was tough though.


  2. This has been something fun to do in the TI Calc community since at least 1998.

    Heads up, though- battery life will dramatically suffer if you’re overclocking (duh!). Be sure to keep a spare set if you overclock your TI and then sit for the SAT or you may find that Very Bad Things ™ will happen.

  3. Yep, this is truely an old hack. Getting the soldering right and getting the switch to fit were a little troublesome, but, given that I was working with a ham-fisted soldering iron and I was just barely a teenager at the time, well, it worked out quite well. It made ‘Marble’ truely interesting on the TI85.

  4. Did this to my TI-83, worked okay for some things. Actually it wasn’t my TI, it was my high school’s. :) Anyway it worked, but I got some distortion on the screen when it was on. My HS math teacher hated me for installing games on everybody’s calculator.

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