learn to rock on dreamcast

Dreamcast Amp

let me ask you something. haven’t you ever wanted to build your very own guitar amp out of an old video game system? of course you have. well now you can start out with the dreamcast guitar amp. basically, it’s pretty easy, doesn’t require any soldering, and takes a lot of patience.

if you dare attempt this rockin project, read on.

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hackaday links

hackaday links

ah, fresh hackaday links – i’ve missed you so.

i’d like to a send a big shout out to our new hackaday conspirator, vince.  with this new hackaday upgrade, you can expect hackaday links more regularly, twice as many howtos and hackaday originals, and 50% of the posts will come with better humor.

vince will also be driving solo here for a little while once my wife gets her act together and decides to have our baby.  in case you are wondering, baby has no name yet – my best attempts (tron, neo, and project 2501) weren’t really well received


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