Hack-A-Day Anniversary 01 – First post!

first post

A year ago today, Phillip Torrone posted the first hack of the day: a redbox built from a RadioShack phone dialer. We’ll be celebrating all day and you should be able to find us in the #hackaday channel on Efnet.

Since this about the first post I thought it would be fun to cover “first post!” phenomena on Hack-A-Day. Our audience has gotten huge over the last year, but the behavior of “first post”ers is still silly. Here’s why:

Now that we’ve covered it


  1. weirdguy0101 says:

    first post!

  2. matt remixed says:


  3. max says:

    Congrats on the Bday…

  4. ka nai`a says:

    Glad this site is around. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have all this stuff to try. I’d probably be bored out of my mind. I still find it amazing that after you featured my cheesy digital camera hack I received over 9000 unique visitors but only received ~30 votes for my Jones Soda Co. lables. thpttttt dc:=

    W00T! 4th Post!

  5. Fubster says:

    frist prost

  6. dan says:

    jesus it’s a colour picture next thing there will be upper case charachters!!

  7. markie says:

    happy anniversary!

    nice logo! ;-) Oh, there should be more HAD-goodies!

  8. nicky says:

    Today it’s my birthday, too!
    I’m finally 18!
    So happy birthday to hackaday and me too!

  9. m0th says:

    congratulations to the hackaday staff! keep the good work up.

  10. kresp0 says:

    last post! xD

    congrats from spain

  11. Kenny says:

    I gots me 1 ov those. cuz i r teh pwn!!!1!

  12. shinynew says:

    good job on the “frist prost” fubster…
    happy birthday hack-a-day i do enjoy your post the most out of all my RSS updates, i have turned atleast 2 other people onto you

  13. Wifiguy says:

    ╚╩╝00t four minutes.
    ╚╩╝e have a new record.

    ├┤ackaday’s birthday I think i’ll go load the spudgun with confetti :)
    `_ ╔═
    __═╝ no caps my ass.

  14. Bucky says:

    If this is your 01-th anniversary, does that mean that next year it will be the 10-th anniversary?

  15. Kenny says:

    yea cuz there are only 10 people in this world that know binary…those who do and those who dont

  16. Kenny says:

    yea cuz there are only 10 people in this world that know binary…those who do and those who dont

  17. obo says:

    First Proust:
    “As long as men are free to ask what they must, free to say what they think, free to think what they will, freedom can never be lost and science can never regress.”

  18. john gilman says:

    16th Post!

  19. farrioth says:

    w00t for hack-a-day. you guys r0xor. keep the hacks coming!

  20. mrdelayer says:

    last post!

  21. BTW0 says:

    when first mentioned on slashdot, i bookmarked it without hesitation, and it’s has always been a great a hack site, good color, good style, great content.

  22. Ekce says:

    14th post! (hex)

    happy birthday hackaday

    If only DEAD people can read hex, how many people can read hex?

  23. hardwire says:

    happy birthday to the hackaday team from evry reader in Australia

  24. austin says:


  25. windwaker says:

    so you’re making a /blog/ post about how we shouldn’t do first post posts? :P

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