PSP firmware guide

If [Fluke]‘s comment is correct, then the Sony PSP 2.01 firmware is already in the wild. Here is a handy Hack-A-Day guide so you can tell at a glance whether you should upgrade your firmware. All you have to do is compare the firmware version number to the previous release:

  • If the first digit has changed (1.5 -> 2.0) then Sony has gotten around to adding a major feature that should have been available since the product’s initial release (web browser). Thanks to the magic of firmware upgrades manufacturers can leave lots of features out of product launches.

  • If the second digit has changed (1.0 -> 1.5) then Sony has released the hardware in your country. The games aren’t region-locked so there is really no reason for the launch delay.

  • If the third digit has changed (2.00 -> 2.01) then Sony has decided that you’ve been having entirely too much fun with your hardware without their help and are determined to re-break it.


  1. Does this mark the first color photograph on hack-a-day’s front page? I’m not entrely sure what this post means. I don’t see a hack at all. It’s just a description explaining what sony (or anybody) might mean with its firmware version numbering.

  2. Naa. It has happend before. Heck there are at least 1 or 2 other color pictures there right now. And those are animated. Please nothing to worry about.

    Wait, I think adblock is disabled.

  3. heh heh, nice Hal

    We’ve had frontpage color before: Wallpaper posts, defcon, anniversary, toorcon. I’ve started throwing color on these random posts to differentiate them from the hack of the day which are grayscale.

  4. lolersticks says:

    speaking of hackaday….is the “beta” just, um, “tradition” now?

  5. In that case, never mind my insanity…

  6. prominator says:

    who the hell is dumb in of to upgrade to 2.01?

  7. prominator says:


  8. strider_mt2k says:

    Who was dumb enough to ‘upgrade’ to 2.0?

  9. dan says:

    fast loader kicks ass

  10. raytard says:

    basically dont get 2.01 under any curcumstances right now. 2.0 has been hacked,a nd its safe to get 2.0 (same with everythign less than 2.0) refer to for information on all of this. (as well as homebrew and downgraders. has some shady software, and movies/shows preformatted for your psp, incase ouve ever wanted to watch the rndom southpark episodes on your psp, or if u just want free widescreen mp4 movies.

  11. Flyin_cowboy says:

    any one tried hooking a webcam up to a psp saw where some one tried it but it kinda looked fake

  12. Bob says:

    Anyone thinking of getting a PSP mostly/entirely for the hacking/emulation/homebrew should really think about buying a GP2X instead (gp32 successor). I’m definetely getting one.

    It’s almost totally open (Linux), has a builtin media player that does XviD, DivX etc movies/slideshows (with hardware scaling) + mp3/ogg, anyone can dev for it with standard F/OSS tools at no cost and the company *actively supports you doing so* unlike Sony who constantly try to fuck you over. Plus it’s considerably cheaper and takes standard SD cards rather than expensive UMD / memory stick. Quake, UAE, a PCEngine emu, Visual Boy Advance etc have all been ported already and it’s not even on general sale just yet! – Official site – UK distributor – US distributor

  13. ergosi says:
  14. tejas says:

    site is cool

  15. Hey great guide, keep up with the PSP hacks, I love them

  16. james anderon says:

    erm………yes i did intsall 2.1 the day i got my psp. is there any uninstaller available, downgrader, or anyway that i cud get 2.0 insted (so that i can then 1.5). plz help me

  17. shamas says:


    bought one from the market today, found the version to be 2.01, was like omg! what bad luck ive got, :(

    Any one there to help, is there anything to do anyways :'(

  18. shamas says:


    bought one from the market today, found the version to be 2.01, was like omg! what bad luck ive got, :(

    Any one there to help, is there anything to do anyways :'(

  19. Ryan says:

    Hey guys yep I just bought a psp and its 2.01 I really how someone can fix this soon :(

  20. Dave says:

    Yes… I’m a bonehead, i bought a 2.01… I’d love someone to f0ck sony over and find a way to downgrade, innit.

  21. VegaLA says:

    Yep, I brought a PSP only yesterday and discovered it to be Ver 2.01. Damn, i’m hoping for a hack for this real soon.

  22. Anthony says:

    Hey guys I got a question. I have version 2.0, if i downgrade to 1.5, how do i upgrade again back to 2.0 if I would like to? Another thing are there any homebrew that work with 2.0 so I don’t have to downgrade? CAn anyone help me???

  23. JACOBZ says:

    I have got a psp version 1.0, lucky you may think, but i have a problem i havent got

  24. JACOBZ says:

    I have got a psp version 1.0, lucky you may think, but i have a problem i havent got the internet browser on it, i dont want to upgrade for obcious reasons, so how can i get the internet browser without losin the ablilty to use homebrew software pls advise …….

  25. Keith says:

    Please help got a PSP with version 2.1 is there any possible way to downgrade please help me and the thousand others pleading :)

  26. jhon says:

    do you know how to downgrade a psp? cause i think my psp is at version 2.5. and i cant down grade it can u please help me

  27. Gonzo says:

    Thanks for the tips.
    I think they should wait until the release of more kicka$$ games like Burnout Legends before they make any more “third digit” changes.

  28. Warrior says:

    I got a brand new 1 gig psp pack for

  29. mitch says:

    hi! i have a brand new psp bersion 2.5 and i’ve been surfing the net looking for someone who knows how to downgrade it. i was so excited only to get disappointed and frustrated instead. please help!!!

  30. fiz says:

    hi i just downgraded my psp and ran fastloader but then when i went to restart the psp it didnt turn on the light went green but the screen went blank. im guessing its software became corrupted.
    can anyone help me get my psp software running again.

  31. arnel says:

    i want to see the could you please send me this file for i could see the pictures of fotos de la boda.rar”

  32. caran says:

    how to downgrade v3.95…

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