Gameboy linked hardware sequencer


Thanks to Create Digital Music for pointing me to the awesome work of Gijs Geikes. This is his latest sequencer creation. It is designed to get its clock signal from Little Sound Dj running on a Gameboy. The sequencer controls plugin modules that are attached to a parallel port. Here’s a great sample of the output. He’s got schematics on his site, which are easy to comprehend when compared to his bizarro board etching. One of the plugins is an earlier project: The Tape Sequencer. Have a listen to that too.


  1. anon says:

    Dead already.. looks hackalicious though

  2. carpespasm says:

    eliot, could you please coral cache sites before linking them on the home page? this looks really interesting

  3. usually I’ll cache the geocities sites, but it is always a gamble with the rest of the web. Are the MP3s working? They are coral links. You can check CDM’s coverage for a few more photos.

  4. That board’s etching looks wild. This is really neat, damn bandwidth. I have some of the _old_ gameboys and carts. Maybe I should start screwing around with them….

  5. Chris Rybitski says:

    Bah, the mp3’s don’t work…

  6. Dash Dingo says:

    not related to hack, sorry:

    anyone have any links on some hacks for a dead iPod? anything would be cool: revival, mod, making it into a new thingy, anything would be cool.

    thanks :)

  7. pocketbrain says:

    Looks like he used up his 5MB/month already.

  8. coreycubed says:

    wait, hack the dead iPod into a dead badger…for unholy music streaming via AirTunes

    that being said, you can mod it to house something else. people are hacking Altoids cases to house iPods? How about hacking iPods to hold Altoids?

  9. dioxide says:

    first thing i’d do with a dead ipod is see if i could recover the rotary encoder. very useful, that

  10. dan says:

    dash dingo this has worked for a mate of mine when he droped his mini a few times, lol

  11. grayskies says:

    oh gameboy sequencers. If you want to hear some awesome music using only what’s shown above, check out Nintendo Teenage Robot.

  12. Peter kirn says:

    Yipes, I’ve hosed another poor mate’s bandwidth.

    Anyway, stay tuned, I’m going to try to re-host this on my site . . . I can handle the load, I think.

    Too bad; the music is great!


  13. Jeffrey says:

    i recently took apart my old Gameboy Color and noticed that at the top, there are two LED’s. i was just wondering if the Gameboy Color was originally meant to be able to send and recieve data remotely via its LED’s. if it is able to do this, how do i find the program code in the gameboy so that i can enable transferring data with its LED’s?

  14. hackaweek

  15. Peter kirn says:

    Peter from createdigitalmusic here — Gijs sent me a new link that at least contains the MP3s:

    . . . and the full link should be back up January 1. Guess Game Boy sequencers proved more popular than he expected! Viva chiptune! ;-)

  16. trade-a-loan says:

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