Questions for the podcast / Contest update

The next podcast is coming… In the meantime, if you want to ask a question in the podcast, record it as a mp3 and email it to podcast [at hackaday dot com]. If you’re wondering, I will do the next edition in mp3 – no more m4a stuff.

Now, to answer a few questions about the Design Challenge.
What kind of circuit should it be?
Anything from a personal massage speed controller to a miniature omelet maker. Whatever you can fit on the board, ok.

Will you extend the deadline?
No. If you want to send us something later, we’ll still take it. [but you’ll be a bit late to win any prizes]

How many entries can we submit?

No limit, but don’t go nuts, ok?

How big can it be?

The board will be credit card dimensions, but a standard thickness (think FR-4 or something) No, we don’t care how big the components are.

Do the components need to be available from somewhere like mouser/digikey?

I’d hope so. We don’t want to have to reclaim parts from sunken Russian submarines to build the circuit.

How can I submit it?

Put it online and send in a tip, or ask where to send it via the tips line. Either way, use the tips line.

9 thoughts on “Questions for the podcast / Contest update

  1. Ohhh I am so excited! I have a few ideas. Hopefully I have time…

    I don’t need to have firmware by then do I?

    Is there a cost limit on the BOM? I’m sure you don’t want anything too ridiculous (like a $75 gyro) or something).

    Honestly, I am much more excited about making it then wining a prize. All I really want (if I do it) is a few of my boards (if y’all could comp the parts that would be sweet too).

    Cool. I am so in (as soon as the semester ends).


  2. What format do we have to provide the firmware in? Is the .hex file okay or do you need the source?

    Who retains rights to the entries, winning or otherwise?

  3. FR4 is a grade of board, not a thickness. I am thinking of entering but the deadline is too close.. will definately enter the next time around! There should be more of this type of competition on the web!!

  4. Hmmm, i think my design will work, but can female ipod dock connectors be obtained in big lots? That might stop me -_-

    Oh and this creating of custom parts in eagle >_

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