Gesture laser pointer control

After I linked his basic laser pointer webcam interface the other day, [mnt] sent me this excellent demo of his gesture based laser pointer control. This one works alot like graffiti on the old palm pilots. My question? What does he make when he’s not sick?


  1. william says:

    awesome, there’s so many possibilities with this project.

  2. Dok says:

    This is really cool, but how well does it do in full light?

    i agree with the fact that there are so many possibilities.

  3. Tom says:

    I want it!

  4. aksarf says:

    These things are cool i just wish there were more about it up… I’d love to see how it was done and how much programming was needed. Maybe at least some programs i can play with to see where to start on one of these of my own.

  5. wolf says:

    this definitly has comercial applications, as some other people have said, I think it would be more usefull as a drawing tool for presentations

  6. wolf says:

    btw, does anyone know how use those passwords that come with comment varification emails?

  7. Will O'Brien says:

    The password thing is a feature that isn’t turned on at HAD, but they get sent out anyway.

    Do you guys want them? I can probably have them turned on as an option.

  8. weirdguy says:

    mmm I think that no password thing helps get rid of spammers…

    And I would LOVE to see more on this project!

  9. Tiberious says:

    i’m quite impressed by the software, now just to get my hands on it, is it available?

  10. strider_mt2k says:

    Passwords would be good for keeping the dimwits to a minimum.

  11. steve says:

    never seen such a load of shite what a liberty. americans all they good for is a degree in burger making

  12. wolf says:

    to #5, thanks, I was just wondering, if you think it’ll stop spammers, you’d best leave it off, (though if someone wanted to, it probly wouldnt be to hard to create some sort of auto varification mail server)

  13. Colin C says:

    Steve, what are you on about??

    Here, does anyone know where I could get software to play about with image manipulation like this?

    It seems to be done a lot in hacks I’ve seen.


  14. TheDude says:

    This is rediculously kewl
    is it possible to program it to do kewler stuff than that
    i wanna see that thing eventuallty be used by the millitary to remotley fire weapons now thatd be a good use. keep rockinm


  15. Rezyn says:

    Anyone know of any other projects like this? Doesn’t look like the coder wants to release his source, which is a shame!

  16. wolf says:

    Steve, you seriously need to shut up, your unconstructive criticism does no more than piss everyone off.

  17. weirdguy says:

    Hmm I just realized this would be a lot cooler if you used an IR laser pointer so you wouldn’t bug anybody.

  18. Crash says:

    I would love the password option. Most of us that comment are repeat commenters.

  19. ... says:

    The only thing thing with the password verification is that you have to remember that random password… I personally disregard it since my e-mail is only a click away…

    And, yes it is a shame that the code isn’t released. Who wants to bet that in a few months this is a piece of $20-ware?

    I also second the IR laser idea, you could make the tv the target and use a webcam with the ir filter replaced with an visible blocking filter. Would be prefect for projector screens :)

  20. Pocketbrain says:

    I can see some real-world applications for this one. It could really simplify presentation controls, for example. You wouldn’t even need a remote; everybody has a laser pointer! Well, everybody with a dog or cat, plus 95% of the rest of everybody.

  21. n3rrd says:

    Does anyone have any resources, or suggestions of places to look, for information on image processing of this nature?

  22. luke travers says:

    yah this would be so much cooler if we could get the softwere

  23. Samoose says:

    Yeah, there is absolutly no information there, just about as much info was presented on HACKADAY link page. Bleh, I wanna learn something, not just oggle someone elses goods. We need more information damnit! How about an idea of what this mysterious image recogniztion software is. Where do we get it, how do we work with it, how do you interface blah blah blah.

    Maybe some one can comment with a good link?

  24. Charles says:

    Hey, I have managed to replicate this project in Java using the Java Media Framework; however, the only thing i am having difficulty with is recognizing the image as a character. I am willing to share my source with anyone who has some ideas for how to recognize jpeg image as a character. I was also debating converting the image to a list of lines to determine the direction to aid in recognition. Any ideas would be appreciated, and i will share my source with anyone who asks


  25. Josh Thornton says:

    I really like flight simulation and was thinking of purchasing a product called trackir which follows head movement and lets you look around the cockpit. but this could totally replace it and save lots of money

  26. CorbPeters says:

    hey this is a really cool thing you did right here. Iw ould like to see how you coded it. What did you code this in. Did you just use a standard webcam or something more powerful? This is a neat thing with many things you could do with this. If you could refine this and get a better camera it could be a very powerful presentation tool. Steve youor an idiot.

  27. Corbet says:

    hey i have been looking for projects like this for a while and finally wrote a program that can find a bright spot (laser) and draw it on the box below. I have one problem with it right now and that is it is kinda slow. It wouldent be very hard to add gesture recognition as well into my program. I have the source files for download here It is programed in Visual Studios 2005 in VB. the file download is the entire project folder.

    The iCam.vb file is the webcam class you can use this independently of the program for use with a webcam on Visual Basic .net 2005. More information is on this website.

  28. hivongchoem says:

    hack perfect

  29. lawrence says:

    yep, green laser is so cool.
    you also can buy a cheap one from

  30. SeersepeFala says:

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  32. Alex says:

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  33. AKA proof!

  34. Can Özbay says:

    I believe there is another way of doing this. I don’t think I can code that much, but with someone helping me out, probably we could figure it out… First, we find a tablet pc handwritten text recognition software. Second, we will integrate this in a webcam tracker. Finally, we assign the commands to the specific keystrokes. (well, at least we can find these simple software “open sourced”, just compiling them together will be a little bit hard) Anyone ? :)

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