iPod dock extension cable

I’ve lost count of the number of emails from people looking for these things, so here it is. The hardest part of [Mike's] little hack is the soldering. The pins on those iPod connectors are just evil to solder. You’ll need the patience of a saint.

I’ve worked with these same connectors and I came up with an easier, if bulkier method of soldering those things in my iPod super dock How-To.


  1. shaeffer says:

    sweet deal! I’ll get to work on one =D

  2. Tom Parker says:

    Looks useful but I fort the whole point of a dock is to be docked lol

  3. Joey Y says:

    This looks ideal for building your own dock. I also have a Cellboost battery-powered iPod charger thing, and the female dock connector on SparkFun will let me charge other devices with an iPod cable or the Cellboost charger.

  4. cd says:


  5. thetable says:

    “Looks useful but I fort the whole point of a dock is to be docked lol”

    Which is great right up until you put a case on the iPod and it won’t fit into any kind of cradle.

  6. alex smith says:

    Can you make a cord that can connect ipod chargers or speaker or something like that into a zune, or iriver mp3 player maybe. How cool would that be to be able to use a majority mp3 player’s accessories (which everyone has) to charge or listen to an iriver or something. I’ve been told it is impossible but I know it isn’t. Please email me if you can tell me anything

  7. TGBM says:

    thats kinda dumb… you can’t dock an ipod when it is in a case… with they had thought about that (apple)…

  8. dacheetah says:

    It’s Bwoken. :(

    “This Account Has Been Suspended”
    “Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible.”

  9. Robert Brown says:

    Lawl…. the cpanel account suspended page. nothing like going over your bandwidth huh.

  10. MG says:

    Bwoken and not even on Archive.org yet!

  11. I think it’s a great idea, and can’t understand why bose doesn’t just make a female connector. Yes. the dock is made for docking iPods, but suppose your ipod died and won’t come back to life. Or it got stolen, and somebody cheaped out and bought you a shuffle, or maybe you just want to plug the dock into your computer to over-ride the built in speakers? The cable allows you to use the dock for things besides an iPod. You could plug in an old-school MD player, a digital voice recorder, I mean, anything with the mini plug. I’m surprised Bose doesn’t just follow the lead of Klipsch and make the dock accessible to other media players. Even say, little “vidiots” with their PSP’s could Crank it up at home…

  12. KennyB says:

    Dont mess with solder, the pins are super small.

    You can get a real dock extension here.


  13. You can buy a iPod Dock Extender cable like this at:


    Not quite the same as the one mentioned in comment 12.

  14. For comment number 11, there is an aux input cable for the Bose SoundDock:


    It doesn’t do charging or other functions, but does allow you to use any audio device with the SoundDock.

  15. b marshall says:

    hi, can you make me acable

  16. hi, with that dock i can’t crontrol the volume of my ipod. It’s only for sending sound, but you can’t control that volume or you can??? please tell me if you can or how i can do that

  17. habibie says:

    nice post. This what i looking for. Thank for the info
    I really need this product, i will buy soon

  18. Jeorge says:

    Hey I am so eager to buy this cable but it is still to expensive. If anyone here knows another place beside http://www.cablejive.com/sounddockcable.html where i can buy it for a shipper price let me know please. My email is fabre892@hotmail.com

  19. vannie says:

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  20. Ziegfried says:

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  22. John D. Fiat says:

    This is great, I want one made too! However, if you don’t need an extension that long, and want a cleaner look without cord clutter then I’d recommend a product called the Dock Extender by Sendstation (they’re online). This little gadget extends the iPod so you can move it from dock to dock, and it’s made to work right through all cases that have a dock cut out. Plus, it looks natural, like you just extended the iPod an inch or so. They go for about 30 bucks.

    But, what’s even better is something they make called the Pocket Dock. It is simply a dream! It has an 1/8″ miniplug out (plus RCA w/ included cables) S-video out(ditto RCA cables), and a USB-B connecter (synch/charge). And all for about 30 bucks! And considering it comes with the cables, it’s insane. No power is necessary, as it runs right off the iPod. But don’t worry about battery drainage, because it has a USB connector (just get a cigarette lighter to USB adapter) and it doesn’t draw much power anyway because it has no lights. It just works, and without fail! It easily hooks up to any home or car stereo. The home stereo just needs to have non phono composite (RCA) inputs and the car stereo needs either a stereo miniplug (1/8″) input or a cassette deck (and a cassette to miniplug adapter).

    And just like that extender gadget, it’s tiny and just looks like you extended your iPod a teeny bit. Plus, it bevels out at it’s connector, so it fits through cases without needing that Dock Extender gizmo.

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