Tinmith Augmented Reality Backpack

I haven’t seen an augmented reality setup in a while. The Tinmith backpack consists of a VR helmet, with helmet mounted GPS tracking, firewire video camera, orientation tracking, glove based user interface and a belt back that contains the mobile computer and batteries. These systems have very interesting applications. From navigation to correcting information in real time to work around partial blindness.

8 thoughts on “Tinmith Augmented Reality Backpack

  1. Nice piece of kit, pretty dang impressive !!
    Like the idea of playin Quake on the beastie; would have to be in a closed area though, networked with some mates.
    You’d look a right plonker runnin about the streets alone fighting bots :lol:

  2. yes, very cool. I tend to think it’d be better to leave the heavy shit somewhere and have a light computer doing any important (fast) work locally, doing the input conditioning and display stuff, but tossing all the heavy lifting back to a stationary system over a radio link of some kind.

    Of course now you have range issues, but running around with all this on your back I think you’d have range issues as well. :-)

  3. This is interesting, i’m a 3D modeler. Being able to select and manipulate 3D objects in well 3D would make some simple things alot easier for me.

    Very cool

  4. I’d forgotten about this. Great use of VR – probably the best augmented reality system not funded by DARPA.

    Now if only these guys were Second Life junkies…

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