Ultrasonic Range Finder

This design has been around for a few years, but it looks like a good introduction to ultrasonic sensors. The design is surprisingly simple with a low parts count. Of course, if you prefer PIC controllers, you might like this version.

5 thoughts on “Ultrasonic Range Finder

  1. I like the ones which use an electrostatic transducer. They use it as both the transmitter and the receiver. Polaroid popularized the technology, which uses a rangefinder circuit made by Texas Instruments.

  2. i’m tryin to make a similar one with a MaxSonar EZ1 range finder..should be easier,but this is my first ‘tronics proj…i’m using a buzzer to signify the approximate distance by changing the number of beeps/minute accordingly…i suppose this can be done with the analog output(the output voltage varies by ~9.8mV per inch) than using a processor to read the pulse or serial output n then converting the raw data…since all 3 outputs are available readily,can any of u help me design the circuit?i need to connect it to a buzzer that slows down or speeds up depending on the variation of voltage.
    for more info on maxsonar EZ1 refer http://www.maxbotix.com or

  3. I need to implement an ultrasonic range detector that uses a microcontroller,can you please help me to get the schematic diagram as well as its program?

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