Tinmith Augmented Reality Backpack

I haven’t seen an augmented reality setup in a while. The Tinmith backpack consists of a VR helmet, with helmet mounted GPS tracking, firewire video camera, orientation tracking, glove based user interface and a belt back that contains the mobile computer and batteries. These systems have very interesting applications. From navigation to correcting information in real time to work around partial blindness.

8 thoughts on “Tinmith Augmented Reality Backpack

  1. Nice piece of kit, pretty dang impressive !!
    Like the idea of playin Quake on the beastie; would have to be in a closed area though, networked with some mates.
    You’d look a right plonker runnin about the streets alone fighting bots :lol:

  2. yes, very cool. I tend to think it’d be better to leave the heavy shit somewhere and have a light computer doing any important (fast) work locally, doing the input conditioning and display stuff, but tossing all the heavy lifting back to a stationary system over a radio link of some kind.

    Of course now you have range issues, but running around with all this on your back I think you’d have range issues as well. :-)

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