Steampunk LCD

Short and sweet today – I just drove about a third of the way across the US.

[Jake]‘s been at it again. This time he re-enclosed a dell 1907FP will brass and brass colored aluminum. Just like his previous work, it’s gorgeous. Check out the close up shot of the adjustment keys.


  1. TarGit says:

    Nice, now all it needs is a telegraph morse mouse :P

  2. Wolf says:

    Indeed, I’ll be interested to see what he does with the mouse…

  3. tiuk says:

    Awesome, love steampunk stuff.

  4. tiuk says:

    Just noticed that this is the same guy who did the steampunk keyboard, among other projects. He’s really got a knack for this stuff.

    Also, love what he did with the buttons.

  5. AbuMaia says:

    Seems his image server has crashed. Only thing working on his site now are the videos.

  6. M.K.Borri says:

    Wow. That’s seriously classy.

  7. ayeomans says:

    Just needs some steampunk window decoration themes to complete the effect!

  8. PKM says:

    @1,2: A steampunk mouse? Kind of like this, for instance?

    Note- this isn’t a jake von slatt production, it’s by the *other* guy called jake who makes steampunk computer hardware.

    @targit: in case you’d missed it, the telegraph dealie to the left is his RSS ticker that sounds RSS feeds in morse code :)

  9. This is *SO* freaking awesome… Too bad i don’t have a study with antique furniture… Otherwise i’d had one of those for sure…

  10. TarGit says:

    Maybe he should replace the keyboard with a morse code “tapper” (key) and enter all text using morse code.
    I’ve seen guys that can do morse a lot faster than i can type, so not entirely impractical :P

  11. pcfascist says:

    Those keys to replace the buttons are great!

  12. kuhltwo says:

    I love the “old” look. I am building a computer out of wood and brass for the 1890’s look. This steampunk theme is very interesting.

  13. Zencyde says:

    This reminds me entirely too much of Myst. It also gives me some crazy ideas.

  14. marc says:

    Just too cool for school man !

  15. Steve says:

    Very nice. I think the only improvement would be to hide the keyboard cable inside old cotton-covered sheathing, perhaps cannibalised from an old telephone or obtained from a vintage wiring supplier.

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