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XBox 360 Hacking 101 extra

[BlueMoon] let me know about a translation of an interview posted over at xbox-scene. The original dutch version is here. It’s a very good overview of XBox 360 security and the exploits needed to take advantage of the hardware.

If you dig EVs, you might want to check out my latest experiment. I’ll be building a EV, but each step of the process will be defined by reader votes. It’s $1/vote, with the idea that the votes will pay for the project.
[Jay] sent in a little info on streaming audio and sometimes video to your Wii.

[Robert] sent in his research on building and testing diy GSM antennas for extending rage range.


  1. t3h says:

    [robert] sent in his research on building and testing diy gsm antennas for extending _rage_

    Note: the rage is only extended if the resultant creation doesn’t work…

  2. Wolf says:

    Interesting concept. I dropped a dollar on the mustang.

    (8 votes down, ~39,992 to go)

  3. Blake says:

    digg the ev project, hopefully it will help the guy get some dough to get his project off the ground

  4. Corissa says:

    May be due to their dislike.

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